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10 Best jQuery Plugin For November 2015


jQuery plugins help you a lot by adding cool and awesome functionality  in your site.So here is a list of 10 awesome and useful jQuery Plugin For September 2015.If you use any of these plugin in the list below please hare your feedback with us.

jQuery Plugin For September 2015


Ideal Image Slider

he aim behind the Ideal Image Slider is to create a slider which has just the right amount of features, with no bloat and be easy to extend so that more features can be added as “extensions”. Here are the ideals and core features I wanted to include:

  • HTML5 (SEO optimised)
  • CSS3 transitions (a few simple transitions like slide/fade)
  • Left/Right navigation (including touch/swipe support)
  • Responsive
  • HiDPI (retina) support
  • ARIA support
  • Extremely simple to setup (no dependencies)
  • Very extensible


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jColumn is a lightweight JavaScript library with the size of 556 Bytes helps to make selected html elements the same height. It can be used as standalone JavaScript library or jQuery plugin.


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Lobibox is a responsive jQuery messagebox and notification plugin.Both Messageboxes and Notifications has some useful option to customize.


  • Lobibox messagesboxes can be modal and not modal
  • You can show multiple messages at the same time
  • Use any available animation class for showing and hiding messageboxes
  • Every message can be draggable (On small screens dragging is disabled)


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Notiejs is a clean and simple notification plugin (alert/growl style) for javascript, with no dependencies.


  • Pure javascript, no dependencies, only one file to include
  • Works in all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge, Opera)
  • Easily customizable
  • Change the colors to match your style/brand
  • Font size auto-adjusts based on screen size
  • Turn bottom shadow off for flat design, on for material design
  • Override or add styling in a separate .css file (optional)


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jQuery Brazzers Carousel

it’s a useful,lightweight, responsive thumbnails hover carousel plugin for Blogs & Online Stores.


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Simple Image Panner and Zoomer

Simple Image Panner lets you partially clip and confine large images on your site to a smaller container to save space, with the hidden portion accessible by dragging -or panning- inside the image. The optional zoom feature lets the user zoom in and out of the image at the same time. This script is great for embedding large images on your page that users may also want to zoom in on to get a closer look.


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herbyCookie is an easy jQuery plugin asking at user for cookie consent.


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Digital Write

It’s a jquery plugin to write charecters in digital format in a 5×5 matrix.Using this plugin, you can create such charecters with animations, color options & size options.


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rPage is an easy to use plugin for making Bootstrap 3’s pagination more responsive. rPage automatically shrinks the pagination component and removes some of its elements when there isn’t enough room.


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CircletPreloader is a lightweight jQuery plugin to create circular preloader animation.



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