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10 Best PHP Chat Scripts For Developers


In order to communicate with others in our website a chat script is very essential.With a chat script you can communicate with others through messaging,video or audio conference or in other ways.So every developers think  about the communication system while developing any website.

So here in this post we are showcasing you 10 best premium PHP chat script which help you to create easy and useful communication interface and can deliver better end user experience to your visitors.

Best PHP Chat Scripts For Developers

Quick PHP Chat

Quick PHP Chat is an easy-to-use online chat script that lets your website visitors talk together in the chatroom. You can customize your chat window using one of 10 available color schemes to better match your website look.Quick PHP Chat includes administration functions: kicking and banning particular users. You can send them a message explaining the reason for kick/ban.


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Boomchat – Responsive PHP/AJAX Chat

Boomchat is a userfriendly easy to install php chat script that includes lot of uniques features. With is fully responsive design whatever if you are using a mobile a computer or even a tablet boomchat will always fit your screen and give you the best chat experience possible.


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Awesome Live Chat


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Simple Chat Script

Simple Chat is a simple lightweight chat script that can be integrated into any PHP page. It includes an admin control for deleting posts etc, uses a custom style sheet which can be completely customized to suit the style of your site. It also uses a text file to store the information so you don’t have to set-up a MySQL database.


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Smooth Ajax Chat

Smooth Ajax Chat is an advanced private chat system which users are already familiar with , it can handle unlimited simultaneous conversation with a smart scroll system , while keeping the best balance between user experience ,security and performance.


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SocialKit – Social Networking Platform

SocialKit is a Social Networking Platform that consists of various features including Live Chat, Pages, Groups, Messages, Stories, Comments, Likes, Shares, Notifications, #Hashtags, @Mentions, etc. It allows users to socialize with each other, share with their favorite community, connect with their favorite brands, artists, celebrities, and much more.


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SocialMat – Social Networking Platform


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PHP Chat with Web- & Windows Clients – VisitorChat

This chat script comes with a Windows-based client out-of-the-box. Without having to visit the Visitor Chat’s admin-interface you will be notified from your Windows tray and can start chatting straight away.


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readyChat – PHP/AJAX Chat Room

eadyChat is a chat product from DesignSkate.


  • Simple administration panel which is effortless to use!
  • Moderate your chat room fully with the ability to warn, kick & ban users.
  • Plenty of documentation explaining the administration features.
  • Fast, effortless installer with a handy “Getting Started” guide included.
  • Allow your users to create a profile, or disable profiles entirely.
  • Create multiple rooms on your chat room!
  • You can set an icon and a topic for each individual room.
  • Automatically kick inactive users.
  • Ban I.P addresses from your website with a few clicks!
  • Allow your moderators to enter full rooms (Yes! You can define room limits!)


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PHP Live Support Chat

Live Chat is a CodeIgniter application that can be included on most website setups to enable a real time chat application between your users and your operators. It comes with a plethora of features and we are constantly updating our products so we will make sure to keep it up to date and working.


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