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12 Best jQuery Plugins For December 2015


jQuery plugins help you a lot by adding cool and awesome functionality  in your site.So here is a list of 12 awesome and useful jQuery Plugin For December 2015.If you use any of these plugin in the list below please hare your feedback with us.

Best jQuery Plugins For December 2015


It’s a  jQuery plugin that outputs text like it’s being typed. It allows you to type single strings, multiple strings that stack, and multiple strings that delete & replace each other. It’s lightweight, scalable, responsive, and super easy to implement.


View Demo     View Details is a plugin for real time two-way data binding. It mutates object given as data source, reflecting interactions between user and recognizes both standard HTML controls and complex composites created using rich ui plugins. Controls built with jQuery UI, Select2, CodeMirror, Ace, Redactor, CLeditor, jQuery Mobile are supported out of the box.


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Fallings is a  jQuery parallax plugin focusing on manipulating position: absolute elements based on the window.scrollTop() property.


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jQuery Multiselect

With this plugin you can turn a multiselect list into a nice and easy to use list with checkboxes.


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World Map Generator

The WorldMapGenerator is jquey plugin for creates a Map using SVG using this plugin user can select and get timezone value of selected area.


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jQuery Sequency

jQuery Sequency is a jQuery plugin for before/after image comparison on scroll.It enables you to compare the differences between a set of images in sequence as your scroll down and up.


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Air Datepicker

It’s a lightweight customizable cross-browser jQuery datepicker, built with es5 and css-flexbox. Works in all modern browsers.


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Flapper is a jQuery plugin that replicates the split-flap (or “Solari”) displays that used to be common in train stations and airports.

To use, just attach Flapper to any input on your page. Whenever the input’s change event is fired, Flapper will update the display.


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jQuery Config

jQueryConfig lets you optimize your jQuery installation by only using the parts you need. It can save up to 35% of the overall size.


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jQuery Backoffice Filters

A jQuery plugin with bootstrap to create filters rending out of the box for backoffice use.


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Max Char Limit Warning

It’s a jQuery plugin to get a warning when the maximum char limit has been exceeded.


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Material Design Hierarchical Display

The jQuery plugin for Material Design hierarchical display animation effect.Hierarchical Timing is a meaningful transition introduced in Google Material Design that focuses your users attention in an app or how an app element got from point A to point B.


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