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20 Awesome examples of CSS3 animation


CSS3 made a big difference in the webdesign industry. Lots of new features added to make dynamic websites. Animation effects are often used in websites to add usability. There are plenty of ideas to make the Animation effect more effective and beautiful.

20 Awesome examples of CSS3 animation

01. Solar system

02. 3D page flip

03. Periodic table

04. CSS Creatures

css creatures

05. Bonfire Night safety infographic

06. AT-AT Walker from Star Wars

This illustrated animation of AT-AT Walker from The Empire Strikes Back by Anthony Calzadilla is created entirely in CSS3. Click on the ‘view the bones’ link on the iPad and you can see how each part animates and functions. This great piece of work suggests we’re going to see a lot more of CSS3 introduced with online gaming.

 AT-AT Walker 

07. Chessboard Vacuum

08. Futurama Animation


09. Responsive cat

Japanese web designer and interactive director Masayuki Kido, aka Roxik, has created this animated kitty which stretches across the length of the browser window, and resizes accordingly as you reduce the window’s width. Make it narrow enough and the word changes with hilarious consequences. And the fun doesn’t end there – but we don’t want to spoilt it, so go have a play now!

10. Animated Buttons

 Animated buttons

11. Original Hover Effects

 Original Hover Effects

12. Mad-Manimation


13. Safari Technology Demos

 Safari Technology Demos

14. The Man from Hollywood

 Man from Hollywood

15. Animated Google Doodle

 Google Doodle

16. Interactive album covers

 Album covers

17. Scrolling Coke Can

 Coke Can

18. Animated 3D Super Mario Icon

 Animated 3D Super Mario

19. Animated Fail Whale

 Fail Whale

20. 3D Clouds

 3D Clouds



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