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20 Greatest SEO Resources for Beginner


Anyone can learn SEO and the best part is that if you try, you can learn mostly on your own. Being a SEO expert is also helpful to build a bright future in your profession. The best SEO experts are so demanded and their earnings are beyond the count. To be a good SEO expert you have to be stuck on learning tricks and tutorials.

There are lots of facts behind being a SEO expert. SEO experts need know many things to bring a website to the first page of google search results.

How you can be a good SEO expert?

Well, it can be a technical and tough job, which is the reason a few organizations have their own particular in-house SEO professionals with high range of salary payments. Luckily, that truly is not important in the case that you have a basic knowledge of SEO, comply with the results of Google and finally if you have a quality site.

In this post, I’ll give you assets you can use to learn more about SEO. These resources will also help you to stay on the top of SEO. You will also be able to learn about some free tools that will be useful for settling any issues. Let’s start!
Are you a beginner?
If are just beginner to know SEO techniques, then you must know some basic information before you start your voyage. The first question that may come to your mind is what sort of basic information should you learn?
First of all, you have to learn the following things. Here’s a quick review:


Resource 1: How Web Crawlers Work?

Search engines are just like answer machines. At the point when a man performs an online inquiry, the internet searcher scours its corpus of billions of reports and does two things:
1) It returns just those outcomes that are applicable or valuable to the searcher’s question;
2) It displays those results which are popular in related sites. It means if a site gets maximum number of hits in a post containing search words then it will get the priority in google search result to be shown on the first page.
It is both popularity and relevance that the procedure of SEO is intended to influence. Learn more about the working procedures of web crawlers. Don’t be hurry. You have to be strong in basic knowledge. Otherwise it will be difficult to understand further techniques.


Resource 2: How Google Works?

If you need to get into SEO, you will need to understand the basics of how web indexes and Google work. Watch out this YouTube video to make your concept clear. At first time you may not understand what actually it saying. Be patient and watch until you fully understand.


Resource 3: Learn about PageRank

It is a must to understand why some websites rank higher than others. You can learn more about PageRank from Wikipedia.


Resource 4: Qualities of SEO Friendly Contents

If you want to manage your writers and want to know what sort of SEO friendly contents are available, then you can read this post. It is an excellent resource that will help you to learn about strategies to gain traffic.


Resource 5: SEO Starter Guide

As a starter, here’s everything that you must know before you start. This document is written by Google. It is a 32 page document. This document explains everything about how SEO runs.


Useful Online Resources

Resource 6: Webmaster World

It is one of the most trusted and oldest forums on web development, SEO and online marketing. On this site, real webmasters are sharing their strategies and problems. This environment is absolutely suitable for open discussion. Therefore the strings frequently include particular issues, different types of voices and, above all, no nonsense discussion of the current issue.


Resource 7: Moz

It is an excellent resource that offers thousands of information to learn SEO. From beginners to professionals all will be benefited. It is one of the best places for the learners.


Resource 8: SEO Book

Aaron is one of the popular bloggers online whose posts I never miss. Not just does he share his experiences on SEO, but also Aaron’s written work regularly highlights the supernatural issues that a connection SEO to different parts of the online world – and understanding the SEO master plan is urgent to survive in the world of online competition.


Resource 9: SEO by the Sea

Do you want to learn the latest SEO trends? It is an excellent resource that will help you to learn what search engines are and where they may be going.


Resource 10: Search Engine Land

This blog was established by Danny Sullivan, who is one of the most popular names in SEO. Danny always looks for the latest development in SEO – with remarkable contacts at the web crawlers and a tremendous system of encountering SEO’s and engineers. There is a consistent stream of important and elegantly composed posts at SearchEngineLand from the best SEO experts in the business.


Resource 11: Search Engine Guide

This little business manual for SEO is not only for little organizations – the posts here are written by a group of professional SEO experts who have experience inspiring sites to rank when there isn’t an abundance of assets available.


Free Resources to Manage Search Engine Optimization

Free resources – what can be more useful? Following are some free SEO tools that are used by the professional Orange County SEO experts. These will definitely help you manage your task.

Resource 12: Google Webmaster

It is a must have tool. This one is provided by Google.


Resource 13: Microsoft Toolkit

This is an excellent tool designed by Microsoft.


Resource 14: Broken Link Finder

Broken links can lower the quality of your site. It will ultimately harm SEO. Discover broken links and squash them with this free SEO tool.


Resource 15: SEO Site Tools

It is an extension for Google Chrome that pulls up Meta description, page rank, links and more about the site.


Resources 16: Majestic SEO

A great SEO tool for survey backlinks to your site. It also check out your link diagnosis.


Resources 17: Keyword Suggestion

A free SEO tool from SEO Book. Demonstrates the quantity of keyword and shows the number of searches for that keyword. It also gives suggestions.


Resource 18: Spider Test

This one is offered by SEO Book. It helps to find and fix issues.


Resource 19: Robots.txt Checker

It will help to find errors in your robots.txt. Errors can cause issues for a spider to crawl your site.


Resource 20: WordPress SEO Plugin

A prominent plugin for WordPress.


Now you have enough resources to make you better at SEO. However, the key thing to remember is that quality content has the magical power to improve your ranking. So if you want to make you better at SEO, you have to focus on your contents and improve your basics on SEO.

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