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5 Awesome New Technology Invention You Didn’t Know

Technology is a ever changing things.Day by day it shows us new new invention.It seems like it starts it’s journey not be stopped anywhere at any time.Today I will show you some awesome invention which will blow up your mind.

New Technology Invention You Didn’t Know 

TLT Board

TLT Board is a new all terrain electric board  made for high speed and off-road action.The TLT Board conquers all type of surfeces and provides a new definition to the term of transportation.The TLT BOARD is automatic, electronic and portable, and especially created for the space angler who seeks shredding the backroads, tackling the “boonies”, orbiting the high country, relaxing along a scenic route, conquering hillsides and mastering concrete jungles.

See More about TLT Board at their website at here




PassFort is a security device that allows you to generate store and use unique and secure passwords for all the services,apps and devices you use.PassFort is quite small that you can comfortable carry it in your pocket or purse along with your keys.It is easy to set up and very simple to use.It connect to your devices by USB or Bluetooth and it recognized automatically on all major platforms.



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The Batteriser

Did you know a significant number of dead batteries throw away which only used 20 percent of their battery life?What if you could instantly tap into the other 80% that is still trapped inside.with Battersier you can use this energy.batteriser is a resuable stainless steel sleeve that slips over your new or used batteries and tap into eighty percent that is usually thrown away.



GinzVelo combines pedal and electric power to give you the ultimate bike driving experience. It provides a safe, efficient, and healthy transportation. GinzVelo introduces the public to Human Electric Hybrids (HEH) and encourages a new form of travel in cities and suburbs.  


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Keplero Luxury Wallet

Keplero is the first magnetic Luxury Wallet made of pure carbon fiber.

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