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5 Awesome things every Android owner should try

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In your Android device you can do a lot more things.There are a lot of kinds cool features of Android from custom ROMs to alternative launchers, apps, LED notifications, gesture controls, icon packs etc.So here in this post we will show you 6 Awesome things you can do with your Android.

5 Awesome things every Android owner should try

Use Google Now as your personal assistant

Along with answering user-initiated queries, Google Now proactively delivers to users information that it predicts (based on their search habits) they may want.It is like your virtual personal assistant which always helps you to find the information quickly and easily.But it can do so much more than that.Like if you want to set alarm you don’t need to open the app just sy google to wake you up after two hours it it will set the alarm.



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Optimize your Android Battery

It doesn’t matter which device you use every android device has the option to customize the battery settings.Firstly you should turn off the auto brightness of your phone.You can manually set the brightness for the current circumstance.Display is one of the key area where the battery has lost more so make sure to lowest the brightness as possible.


Now a days most of the android device comes with many battery saving mood.The stock Android approach is a battery saving function which quite heavily effects performance and app functionality, so it might worth considering using this only when it’s necessary. To find your device battery saving option just go to settings-battery and then power or saving mood or something related.



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Set up Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is not pre-installed for every device.It is a great apps to track your phone,remotely lock it,erase everything on the storage and even send a screen message


Google play



Setup lock screen security

If you don’t want that if your phone is lost or stolen the thief to have access all of your content of your smartphone then set a lock screen.Then set up a pattern or PIN lock right now. Just go to Settings > Security > Screen lock or on some devices Settings > Lock Screen to set up your preferred type of lock screen security.



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Use Pushbullet

Pushbullet is a great app for multitasking.Your messages, photos, songs, and links live in many places. They live on your phone, tablet, computer, and all the other devices that are a part of your life. Sometimes they come from friends, and sometimes from people you follow. Pushbullet is a place where they can all come together and be easily accessible.



Google play

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