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5 Best Mobile Frameworks Of 2016

Mobile Frameworks

Native mobile apps usually work faster, smoother and these results in a better user experience.If you’re developing Android-based games or complex apps with extensive cloud integration, you’ll probably want to seek out native application development tools.Native developers love working with native code but that doesn’t always go well with the business case or result in effective use of effort and time.Here is a list of 5 best Mobile Frameworks of 2016.

Best Mobile Frameworks  Of 2016

A Frame

A-Frame is a framework for creating virtual reality web experiences.You can use markup to create VR experiences that work across desktop, iPhones, and the Oculus Rift.

  • Virtual Reality: Drop in the library and have a WebVR scene within a few lines of markup.
  • Based on the DOM: Manipulate with JavaScript, use with your favorite libraries and frameworks.
  • Entity-Component-System: Based on an entity-component-system pattern for better composability and extensibility.


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RAD.js is a framework that allows to build mobile applications faster. Optimized for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8, as well as supporting all major Web browsers.

RAD.js is the solution to the problem of creating apps with multiplatform capabilities and native-like responsiveness, performance, and usability. It is a toolkit created by MobiDev experts for business needs of mobile startups, well-established businesses, and directly for software developers.


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Intel XDK

Intel XDK is the new kid on the block and a little different from the rest of the pack, it includes the complete range of tools that support development, emulation, and testing as well as debugging and publishing cross platform HTM5 hybrid apps. Intel XDK packs basic ready to use app templates built using “app framework”.


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Framework7 – is a free and open source mobile HTML framework to develop hybrid mobile apps or web apps with iOS & Android native look and feel. It is also an indispensable prototyping apps tool to show working app prototype as soon as possible in case you need to.

The main approach of the Framework7 is to give you an opportunity to create iOS & Android apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript easily and clear. Framework7 is full of freedom. It doesn’t limit your imagination or offer ways of any solutions somehow. Framework7 gives you freedom!

Framework7 is not compatible with all platforms. It is focused only on iOS and Google Material design to bring the best experience and simplicity.


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Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI provides essential mobile components that are missing in Bootstrap 3: switches, overlays, sidebars, scrollable areas, absolute positioned top and bottom navbars that don’t bounce on scroll.

It relies on robust libraries like fastclick.js and overthrow.js to achieve the better mobile experience.


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