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5 Popular Online Repositories for Saving Code Snippets


There are a lots of online platforms which allow developers to save useful code snippets in private repositories as well as share pieces of code with others. Some public source code repositories have evolved to become some of the most trending, open-source libraries and technologies.So here is a list of 5 best ones.

Online Repositories for Saving Code Snippets


GitHub allows users to collaborate on open-source and private software development projects. It offers free hosting for open-source repositories as well as offers multiple premium plans for enterprises and private accounts.


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Create a Team account and allow your team members to create and edit private and public code snippets. Search through all your team’s snippets, and view detailed diffs of changes to each snippet.It has 22,674 coders in over 120 countries have stored 131,096 snipts, in 145 languages.


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Code Project

The platform provides a social collaboration feature which allows members to engage in discussions, polls and surveys. Code Project also offers a range of online learning resources in the form of Q&A section, informative articles and tips.


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Source Forge

Source Forge also provides modern features, such as discussion forums, web-based code browsing, issue tracking and more.It is used by a vast community of around 3.7 million users and caters to over 40 million people worldwide.


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Simpple is a social service for saving, storing, organizing, and sharing snippets of code with your friends and coworkers. Make friends. Improve your coding skills. Earn bragging rights.The service provides easy login system with Google account and has robust search and filter functionalities.


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