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5 Web Developer Tools For Updating Your Development Workflow


At times, managing development workflow upgrades can be challenging and taxing at the same time. As developers, we have a tendency to search for tools or plugins that could lend us a helping hand in accomplishing our needs. Through this post, I would like to throw light on some very useful tools that you must be aware of that could help you in solving the problems associated with defining workflow upgrades for your development projects.

5 Web Developer Tools 


1. git-fresh

Often we end up making the things in our git’s repository messy, which might make it difficult for clients to understand our latest changes. However, you can overcome such an issue by using git-fresh. It’s an excellent tool that just as the name suggests helps in keeping the repo fresh. The best part is that you just need to use the following single command to keep your repository fresh:

git fresh [-fmrF] [-sl] [remote] [root]

So, basically the tool provides access to a handy set of shortcuts containing useful git commands and combinations that provide several benefits such as:

Cut short remote branches;

Rebase against the branch currently in use;

Stash changes and much more.


2. Composer Changelogs


Have you been planning on updating the Composer dependencies in your project? In that case, composer-changelogs is exactly what you need. It is a composer plugin that makes it easy for your users to check what’s been changed. In essence, composer-changelogs helps in displaying “Composer update summary.”

The tool shows certain texts immediately following a Composer update, so as to provide a summary of the modified packages along with links. To make use of composer-changelogs, simply copy it within the commit body and you’ll get a nice-looking description.


3. Composer Parallel Downloads


This is yet another plugin for Composer that gives the ability to download multiple files in parallel, thereby increasing the installation speed. You can even put some limit on the connections for parallel downloading using the maxConnections (int) and minConnections (int) functions.
The Composer Parallel Downloads plugin can be installed globally using the following code segment:

$ composer global require hirak/prestissimo

The time that the plugin takes in installing the files has been improved to a great extent. The testimony to this fact is how a Laravel create project command reduces from approximately 5 minutes to under 26 seconds (as mentioned in the README section of Composer Parallel Downloads).


4. git-extras

git-extras helps in extending the functionality of Git with the assistance of its additional commands for repo summary, changelog population, and much more. Though it’s not a new add-on and is rather pretty old, but you’ll definitely find the tool useful in case you haven’t utilized it.

Some of the latest commands that have been added to git-extras are:

• git ignore: this is an excellent command for all the lazy people (including me) that often wish to add files in .gitignore without opening it up. Using the “ignore” command line enables you to add your files to .gitignore with no need of leaving your terminal. Also, it helps display overlooked patterns of both your local and global .gitignore files.

• git setup: this command helps in initializing a git repo (in case a repository does not exist). Also, it helps in adding all the files to the repo and make the first commit for you.

• git changelog: automatically generates a changelog file that contains the list of all the commit messages since the beginning or the last tag that was created in your repository.
• git release: it helps in creating a release with a <tag>. Also, it executes a pre-release/post-release hook (only if present), pushes the branches/tags to the remote, and more.

• git summary: provides a neat overview of the repo, including its age, its most active contributors, and more.

• git effort: it displays the statistics of the “effort” you’ve made in creating and modifying the file. It highlights the form of some commits per file.

• git undo: if you’re worried about making wrong changes in the last commit, then the git undo command will prove a lifesaver for you. That’s because, it undo the last commit, without making any changes to be uncommitted.

• git fork: it helps fork the repository and create a clone of it that is saved into the current directory. It even makes the original repo accessible to all the remote refs.


5. PhpStorm Faster Rendering


This isn’t any plugin or an add-on, rather it is a hack that makes the JetBrains PhpStorm IDE to utilize graphics acceleration for rendering ts windows, to boost the framerate. To make use of PhpStorm faster rendering, you will have to use the following procedure on OS X


cp /Applications/ ~/Library/Preferences/PHPSTORM_FOLDER


echo -ne “\n-Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=lcd\n-Dawt.java2d.opengl=true” >> ~/Library/Preferences/PHPSTORM_FOLDER/phpstorm.vmoptions

Remember to substitute the PHPSTORM_FOLDER in the above code with the same name as that of your own PhpStorm folder. For example, let’s assume you are using WebIde version 9.0, then your folder will be called WebIde90.

Secondly, when using some other OS’s, first look for the phpstorm.vmoptions file. Once the file is found, copy it into your computer’s PhpStorm preferences folder.

And at last, edit your newly copied file by adding the lines of code given below right at the bottom of the code:






Now, just save your file and exit from it. And then, restart PhpStorm.



Hope that the tools listed in the post will prove useful to you when making workflow upgrades in any development project.


Author Bio
This Case Study is a guest post written by Kaira Clark a Web developer at Xicom Technologies Ltd. In this avant grade IT space those who are looking for Programmers for Hire need to ensure they not only look for skills, but also look for someone who stays abreast  with the latest advancements. Along with development Kaira likes sharing her web experience via blogging and reading what others have to share.


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