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6 Best Mobile Phone accessories for Android & iPhone


Today’s smartphones have a tons of  great features.But no matter how many features have been crammed into your phone, any device can be made better with the right accessories. If you want to take better photos, enjoy longer battery life, or make use of smart features, the following Mobile Phone accessories will definitely appeal to you. 

Best Mobile Phone accessories for Android & iPhone

The Outback Pole

This is a great smartphone selfie stick. It works with a variety of smartphones, and it also works with DLSR cameras, GoPros, and other small camcorders. It’s waterproof, and doesn’t use a Bluetooth shutter, so it won’t require periodic recharging.


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With its flexible legs and its capability for use with any phone, the Breffo Spiderpodium has won many awards for its multiple uses as a phone stand and holder. It can hold the phone while also keeping it attached to the dashboard of a car, which is great for hands-free conversations and GPS usage.


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TeckNet Waterproof Power Bank 9000mAh

With this power bank you’ll be able to keep your device fully charged. This power pack is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. A built-in flashlight and handy compass make this accessory even better for outdoorsy types.


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Waka Waka Power

The Waka Waka Power gives smartphone users the experience of solar-powered charging without having to use a bulletproof case.t refuels its battery completely with twelve hours of sun exposure and has the power to fully charge an iPhone in just two hours.


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Sony QX30 Attachable Lens Smartphone Camera

Turn your Smartphone into 30x optical zoom camera, NFC/Wi-Fi allows simple, one-touch connection to Smartphones, Shoot and enjoy images thru the Smartphone’s large LCD screen

Conveniently save images on both camera and phone memory, Use Apps to edit and share photos instantly online, Uncouple from phone and mount for flexible shooting, Never miss the moment with lock on AF and 10FPS shooting.


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instaX Share

After snapping the perfect smartphone photo using the lens band and the remote, the instaX Share smartphone printer by Fujifilm makes it possible to print that photo out on the spot. By downloading the instaX app to the smartphone, the printer wirelessly connects to the phone through the app and enables the user to print pictures from the photo reel, Facebook page or Instagram.


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