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6 Best Online Tools to Create Infographics


Infographics are very much in trend these days. That’s because they help users to gain knowledge about any particular topic with the help of graphic visual representation.If you also want to make your own powerful infographic within a matter of few minutes to hours then this post is for you.

Here in this post we have put together a list of 10 best tools which helps you to make your Infographics easily within an hours.

Online Tools to Create Infographics is a highly interactive infographic tool that lets its users to create infographics in minutes. In addition to creating infographics, you can also share them with audience to market your content better.


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InFoto Free

InFoto Free is an Android app that lets the users to create infographics from their photos using a Photo stats analyzer. With InFoto Free, you can create a refreshing and high resolution infographics from your own photos.


View Details is one of the most popular and exciting online platform to create highly appealing infographics. It presents you with a variety of pre-made infographic templates that you can use. Additionally, you can also import raw data, and it will transform that data into a variety of formats such as a pie chart, progress bar, table, wordcloud, treemap, etc.


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Tableau is yet another great tool for presenting your data in a highly intuitive graphical format. It offers its users with a variety of data visualization tools for free. However, it’s rather than being an online tool, it’s software that you need to download and install in your computer before you can start using it.


View Details is all about turning your visual ideas into infographics that you can easily share with your audience. Currently, this tool is one of the most robust Infographic Generators; however, it is available in beta mode.


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Creatly lets its users create diagram shape such as squares or rectangles in 1 click, and also provide them with a drag and drop feature, which is highly convenient while adding or importing images or shapes. In addition to this, Creatly has many exciting features that are hard to get in a single tool.


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