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6 New Free e-Books For Web Design


Are you looking to gain a little experience in web design, coding or typography? Lucky for us, we no longer have to go through lengthy and boring books to get started on becoming a web designer.There’s a huge range of digestible web design e-books for you to get your teeth into. And most importantly, many of them are free. Here we list of 6 of the best.

Free New e-Books For Web Design

Web Design Trends 2015-2016

Web Design Trends 2015-2016 covers the 10 most popular — and most useful — design trends now and in the foreseeable future. These techniques are explained through 166 examples from top companies including Google, AirBnB, Squarespace, Dropbox, Dribbble, Intercom, Apple, and Spotify.

The book is equal parts eye candy and practical manual. It’s thorough, but reads quickly since it focuses on describing tips and techniques for each trend.


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The UX Reader

The UX Reader ebook is a collection of the most popular articles from MailChimp’s UX Newsletter and also includes some exclusive content.


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The elements of typographic style applied to the web


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Guide to Usability Testing

The biggest challenge designers and product managers face isn’t how the market or different technologies work — it’s how humans work. What users say versus what users do are two completely different things, and the only way to verify is to test.

The Guide to Usability Testing by UXPin includes 109 pages of tips, tactics, and expert advice.


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UX Design for Start-Ups


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The Best Web Designs of 2015–2016

Useful for browsing or reading, this ebook describes 168 top websites from companies like Tumblr, Google, Airbnb, Dropbox, Bose, Coin, Reebok, and Nest, not to mention newcomers from around the world. Many examples are dissected and explained, along with 7 best practices for web design into 2016.

This 158-page ebook provides anywhere from 18 to 31 examples of these popular and powerful techniques (along with analysis of what works well for the sites):


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