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6 Tips and Tricks About Hay Day part 1

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In this article we are talking about  6 Tips and Tricks About Hay Day to grow your farm fast and save money.

#1:Plant slow-growing crops at night or during work hours

Some crops only take a few minutes to pop up — wheat, corn, and carrots, for example, all take less than ten minutes. Others,       like pumpkins and indigo, take hours. Make sure to plant those crops before you go to sleep or if you’re going to busy with work     or school for a few hours; that way they’ll be ready when you get back and you can harvest and use them as you need to.

The same rule applies to livestock and to finished goods you’re making. Some take hours to get ready, so make sure they start      production before you’re off to bed, and they’ll be ready when you wake up the next day.

hay day

#2:Earn diamonds

Open your mine and use TNT. It will produce diamonds every couple of blasts. When you have enough diamonds, pay for              Tom’s service and have him find nothing but TNT and load up on it. Then blow the mine and use as much metal as you can,          again more diamonds will come every couple of blasts. Sell what metal you can’t store. But you have to use tom and get a              bunch of TNT.

#3:Finding Missing Crops

you have run out of a certain type of crop, go into your friends tab and select Greg. Enter his roadside shop and buy everything      that is there. Sometimes there is even some tools there for a very low price. If Greg does not have what you want, visit other          farms and go thought their Newspapers and buy what you need in bulk (like 10 wheat for $x).

#4:Don’t be afraid to say no to orders

Your bulletin board will pile up with orders from nearby businesses that need your goods — stores, salons, schools, churches        and more. They’re usually willing to pay a fair price, but sometimes you don’t have enough goods to fill the orders, or it’ll take          too long, or you may not even have the equipment or livestock to fill the order. Don’t be afraid to dump the order in the trash.

You’ll end up waiting a few minutes until the next order arrives, but if you can fill it, it’ll be more worthwhile than having the              limited space you have for orders taken up by stuff you can’t or don’t want to fill.

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#5:Cats and Dogs

You can buy the cats and dogs with vouchers and you gain vouchers from completing boat and truck orders or harvesting crops     and treasure box. You can not trade them. When you have enough vouchers you can buy your cat or dog, but before you do         this you must buy a cat or dog house. Your cats and dogs will need feeding, milk for cats and bacon for dogs. Every time you         feed your pet you will get 30 xp. They only feed every few hours. Apart from the xp they are mainly a decorative purpose for           your farm, or for some players, it is a achievement getting each individual pet.

#6:Balance money with experience

As your orders come in, you’ll see two figures appear at the bottom — coins and stars. Coins are the money you’ll get for each       order, and stars are the experience points you’ll get for completing that order.

Succeeding at Hay Day is as much about leveling up as it is about making coins, so look at those orders carefully. It may be           worth your while to go with an order that offers less cash but more experience to help you level up faster.

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So this is our tips and tricks.Hope you like it.In part 2 we will talking about the tricks of getting more diamonds in Hay Day.

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