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8 Best JavaScript Scrolling Libraries For developers


In this modern age of internet  websites are no longer static and incorporate various features and dynamic designs. One such feature that has become quite a trend these days is scrolling effect.Animations and special effects make any website design to appear lively and appealing.Here in this post we are showcasing 8 best JavaScript Scrolling Libraries to make amazing scrolling effect.

Best JavaScript Scrolling Libraries 


ScrollMagic is a javascript library for magical scroll interactions.ScrollMagic helps you to easily react to the user’s current scroll position.It also can add parallax effect to your website and create an infinitely scrolling page.


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WOW can Reveal CSS animation as you scroll down a page.It’s very smaller and easy to install than than other JavaScript parallax plugins.It’s also has fast execution and lightweight code.


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Scroll Reveal

Scroll Reval helps you to make your scrolling effects and animation easy for both web and mobile browsers.You can set custom easing, 3D rotations, duration and many mor parameters to the element you want to animate.


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An ultra-lightweight (~1kb) and super easy to use plugin for applying parallax scrolling effect to any scrolling element. You can set parallax scrolling effects to both foreground and background elements, and also in both directions (vertically or horizontally).


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Fade Into View

Fade into view helps you  to make elements fade in and out of view when they enter/exit the window.


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What parallax.js will do is create a fixed-position element for each parallax image at the start of the document’s body. This mirror element will sit behind the other elements and match the position and dimensions of its target object.


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Animate Scroll.js

AnimateScroll is a jQuery plugin which enables you to scroll to any part of the page in style.It gives power to the user with its various options to customize the style of scrolling, scroll speed and many more. Supports more than 30 unique Scrolling Styles.


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Crossfade is a plugin to add the crossfade effect to an image. The blurry effect will continue as a user scrolls further down.


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