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8 Docs and Guides for Front-end Developers


If you feel like you have been working hard at building, but maybe not learning as much as you’d like, I’ve got your back. I have put together a list of 8 Docs and Guides for Front-end Developers as below.

Six Speed

A chart that displays performance report information for different ES6 features relative to the ES5 baseline operations as rendered by various transpilers (Babel, Traceur, etc.).


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Kinetic Email CSS Support

The following table lists the major HTML & CSS features that are commonly used by interactive and dynamic CSS techniques and their support among the major email clients.


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An unofficial specification initiated by O’Reilly Media for outlining an XHTML5-based standard for authoring and producing digital and print books. Lea Verou’s book CSS Secrets was written using this standard.


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Font Family Reunion

A filterable compatibility chart for default local fonts on just about any OS. The table informs you if the font is supported, aliases, or will revert to the default font for the OS.


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This is an interactive guide for exploring various important properties of the package.json packaging format for node.js applications.You can access information about properties by mousing over or clicking the property name.


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ECMAScript 6 Cheatsheet

The ES6 is a huge step forward in JavaScript’s history and this reference will give you ‘everything about the latest version of the ECMAScript standard’.


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DevTools Challenger

An interactive site that demonstrates how to use the new animation-related features present in Firefox Developer Edition. Explore the deepest secrets of the Ocean.


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How DNS works

“A fun and colorful explanation of how DNS works… We made this comic to explain what happens when you type a website address in your browser.”


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