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5 jQuery Chat Plugins for Developers


A chat application allows users to interact or communicate with each other by texting, messaging, video and audio conferencing. Adding a chat application can be useful for various sites such as e-commerce websites, real time applications, support and many more.Here s list of 5 best Jquery chat plugins.

jQuery Chat Plugins for Developers


JqChat is a jQuery plugin for instant messaging like facebook/gmail chat.The jQuery Chat plugin can be used to add a JavaScript-based chatting system to your site, allows webmasters/developers to add a fully-working chat room on top of their site, see ‘index.html’ as an example.


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Arrow Chat

ArrowChat is packed full of features ranging from video chat to a complete moderation system. In addition, we provide regular updates to the software to include even more.It offers you a lots of features like chat bar,chat rooms,private chat,Style and Administration,cross browsers and many more.


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jChat is an ajax realtime chat/messages application created with jquery, php and mysql to be integrated to bootstrap admin panels templates or bootstrap applications. Its an advanced and simple chat/messages system with very low bandwith usage with the ability to scroll throught older messages, delete messages, send messages and packed with 72 emoticons + your own.


  • Easy to integrate
  • Use as chat or messages system and use as chat and messages system
  • New messages indicator
  • Custom chat backgrounds
  • 72 Packed Icons + your own
  • Responsive
  • Bootstrap


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Pusher Chat

Pusher Chat is a Facebook like chat jQuery plugin using Pusher API. It is easy to customize, compatible with all browsers, uses pusher API and detects message typing and receiving.


  • easy to Customize with css
  • manage friend list via json
  • use Pusher API
  • detect message typing
  • detect message receiving
  • supported by all new browser ,IE8 & need some css fix for IE7


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JavaScript-based multi-user chat client for XMPP.


  • Focused on real-time multi-user chatting
  • Easy to configure, easy to run, easy to use
  • Highly customizable
  • 100% well-documented JavaScript source code
  • Built for Jabber (XMPP), using famous technologies
  • Used and approved in a productive environment with up to 400 concurrent users
  • Works with all major web browsers including IE9


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