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A smartphone accessory which can detect skin cancer

A smartphone accessory which can detect skin cancer
As we know, any cancer can be tackled better if detected early. With skin cancer, the chance of survival can be 98% if detected early. Now, here is a device, quite inexpensive, that can attach to your smartphone and help detect skin cancer when it is in very initial stages.

Named MoleScope, the melanoma-detecting device is actually a tiny microscope which attaches to the camera on your phone, reported. It takes close-up images of moles, sends them off to a dedicated analysis platform called the DermEngine, where they are studied by doctors. If there is a hint of a problem, you will find out straight away.
A smartphone accessory which can detect skin cancer
Developed by Maryam Sadeghi during her PhD research in computer science several years ago, the MoleScope has finally become a reality, and has been revealed during the World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver this week. It operates using a specially designed app suitable for iOS, and is ideal for keeping track of how moles and skin condition can alter over time.
“As a patient, I do not have to wait 12 months to use a doctor’s phone or camera to look at my mole. I can do this from home. It enables patients to have access to the same system that doctors have in their clinic,” Sadeghi was quoted as saying.
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