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Angee – A Smart Home Security System


Angee is a advanced technology based Smart Home security system with voice recognition, at-the-door identification, motion-detecting rotation, advanced learning, cordless portability, and a number of additional features.

Take a short look to the main features of this Security System.

  • Autonomous Arm/Disarm
  • Full Perimeter Security
  • Voice Recognition
  • Motion Sensor
  • Notification
  • Record,Stream and Share
  • Communication
  • 10 Hours Battery Backup
  • Portability
  • Privacy Mood
  • Zone Detection

To setup Angee is very don’t have any hassle to set it up.Simply unbox it, connect it with your smartphone, add security tags at entry points around your house, and your home is completely secured.


Angee tells you what’s happening at home via a streamlined mobile app. You’ll receive instant notification if something out of the ordinary happens, and you can also use the app to connect with Angee remotely to see what it sees.

Putting trained guards at all your windows and doors would be foolproof, but not very convenient. The entrances and exits of your home are the most important places to monitor, and that’s why Angee is the world’s first smart security system with complete perimeter security. Just stick security tags on doors and windows and Angee will know exactly who comes and goes.


See more about Angee at kickstarter 

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