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Beginner Guides to FTP and FTP Client


Getting Introduced with FTP Client

FTP is the abbreviation of File Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol with a set of commands that connect multiple computers in a network so that one can transfer data from one device to another. FTP is used on a TCP/IP network; e.g. Internet. It is helpful to move files between each other’s computers. FTP has been integrated with the web browser at the present days.

It is easy and comfortable for those moments you want to download file in number one or two, but downloading with browser is not so much flexible. Uploading file is not possible. You cannot implement any specific transfer mode also. Even it is not possible to request the server any issues. You may need to concern with security issues also. Moreover, FTP is useful for conducting any kind of web development projects. File transferring with FTP client is the best method in this case.


FTP client is needed to get access into the FTP server. Navigating folders into the server and exchanging server’s files are also possible by means of FTP client. You will not get such kind of tremendous functionalities in any web browsers. FTP client has been developed to execute such kind of works. The most trendy and full functional web editors such as RapidWeaver and Dreamweaver have built in FTP functions. But FTP clients have exactly hundreds of functions. Some of these are free to use while some are more costly than enjoying nightlife in a city. We will deeply discuss about how useful the FTP client is, but let’s first learn how actually FTP session does work.


Getting Logged in

Getting connection of FTP server is very simple. You just need to put server’s address, user’s name and a confidential password. You follow the example given below:
Site address:
Username: admin
Password: xhy78kjjfla

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