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Best Android Photo Editing Apps


Photo editing on Android is still in the stages where you can do only the most basic edits. However, apps are coming out all the time that add more and more functionality and mobile photographers have more options than ever before when it comes to editing photos on your Android device. In this list we’ll showcasing a list of  best photo editor apps for Android.

Best Android Photo Editing Apps

Adobe Lightroom mobile

[Price: Free app but requires Creative Cloud subscription]
Adobe recently released their iconic Lightroom application to Android. It allows for editing of RAW image format and the ability to enhance photos with a range of presets and tools. The app is a 30-day trial but those who have a Creative Cloud subscription can keep using it after the trial. You can also sync with desktop versions of Lightroom. We wish it’d been available for non-Creative Cloud users but if you happen to be one, this is a must have application.



Autodesk Pixlr

[Price: Free]
Autodesk Pixlr is a highly rated and popular photo editor app and one that was highly recommended by our readers. There are a host of editing options including red-eye removal, a whiten teeth option, a one-click enhance tool, borders, filters, and you can even preview effects using the Pixlr Live feature. Of course, there is also the range of basic tools like crop and rotate. It’s a solid editor with a lot of options and it’s from Autodesk, a big name in graphic design.




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BeFunky Photo Editor – Tablets

[Price: Free / $2.99]
First on our list is a fun little photo editor called BeFunky. In this simple editor, you have access to dozens of effects and editing tools, including filters, sharpen, and exposure, among others. Where this app really shines is how much you can edit. With this you can literally add unlimited affects to your photos so you can make them look however you want. It’s widely popular and highly rated. There is also a free version you can check out to see if it’s for you before picking up the paid version. The version we have linked is the tablet version, there is also a version for just phones.




Cupslice Photo Editor

[Price: Free]
Cupslice is a photo editor with a little more tact and polish, even if the features aren’t as heavy as some of these others. It comes with over 50 effects to start along with your basic editing tools. It also includes a number of stickers you can add to photos and that number gets updated every week. It’s a nice, simple app that should suit the needs of most people.




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Fotor Photo Editor

[Price: Free / $3.99]
Fotor Photo Editor a deceptively in-depth photo editor with quite a few features. Included is a one-tap enhance, scenes to adjust your photo based on the conditions where you took it, filters and effects which can be stacked on one another, and a host of other basic and pseudo-advanced editing tools to enhance the photo yourself. There are even text, stickers, and frames for people who like those sorts of things. It’s all wrapped up in a colorful and simple interface that helps make things a bit easier. Lab

[Price: Free / $3.99] Lab is our first really heavily-featured app on the list. It comes with over 500 frames for your photos if you enjoy frames. It also comes with a myriad of backgrounds, photo filters, collage features, and even the popular human-to-animal montage that turns your face into an animal’s face. The free version has watermarks and advertisements whereas the paid version does not, so you can at least give it a shot and see if you like it before you buy it. It has a metric ton of things you can add to photos, even if the actual editing features are pretty basic.




Photo Editor by Aviary

[Price: Free]
Photo Editor by Aviary stands out on our list because it has a slightly more composed set of actual editing features. There are still things like stickers, filters, and the like, but the app has extra tools for editing including things like fixing red-eye, whitening teeth, etc. It’s a fairly solid app overall although it won’t have that appeal for fans of Instagram-style filters as it will for people who want just a good looking photo.



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Photo Editor Pro

[Price: Free]
Photo Editor Pro is a solid photo editor app even if there’s nothing over-the-top about it. It features a one-touch enhance feature, filters, frames, and the basic photo improvement tools like color balance, crop, and rotate. It’s great for people who want to keep it simple and don’t need many advanced editing tools such as those who plan on posting images to social media like Instagram. Again, there’s nothing overly special about it but it is still very solid for the features that it offers.



Photo Effects Pro

[Price: Free]
Photo Effects Pro has a few more fun features than many of these other ones. For instance, you can insert meme pictures to make funny pictures, finger paint on the photo like you can with S-Pen on the Galaxy Note 3, and of course the standard tools, filters, and frames features. It’s another very solid (and totally free) offering that should fill the needs of most people. It also boasts that it only uses the internet to share photos.



Photoshop Touch for phone

[Price: $4.99]
With a name like Photoshop, you expect greatness right? Well, before you get your hopes up too high, you should know that this isn’t nearly as powerful as the desktop application. You can do some of the basic Photoshop things like working with layers. However, It’s mixed in with more conventional mobile photo editing features like filters and mild adjustments like color correction. There are some cool features like camera fill and compatibility with desktop Photoshop using the Adobe Creative Cloud. So if you’re a big fan of Adobe products, this app should be useful.




PicsArt Photo Studio

[Price: Free]
When it comes to photo editing features that focus around things like collages, there are few apps that are better than PicsArt. It does focus primarily on collages and, thus, has a bunch of features for that. However, there are still the basic photo editing things like filters, controls, and adjustments along with some unusual features like finger-painting and stickers. It’s a solid free app and a must-have for collage fans. However, if you’re looking for something a little more in depth, you may want to try something else.



Rage Comics Photo Editor

[Price: Free]
We all know why this is here. Rage Comics and memes are hilarious. This is essentially just a photo editor with sticker and text features. It includes over 300 meme faces. It doesn’t have any of the other features these other apps have, but it is definitely the funniest one on the list. If you’re looking for something more serious, you should pick of these other apps but if you’re down for a laugh, this can help do that.


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