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Best App Lock Apps for Android


You must concern about the security of your personal file.No one can take care of them more than you.Security of your mobile is very important,if you lost your smartphone then it must be a serious issue.So every android user should use a security app to protect your data from hackers and others.

So here in this post we suggest you the best app for your security.

Best App Lock Apps for Android

1. AppLock

Applock is one of the best app locker of Google play base of over 100 million and 24 supports language.It can secured your installed app with pin or pattern.It can lock gallery,sms,call logy everything in your phone.

This app will prevent others to use your phone from receiving incoming calls, accessing phone’s setting, installing or uninstalling apps.


Google play



Smart App Protector

This app can lock app as well as documents of your smartphone.You can lock the apps that you want to with different locking methods like pass code, pin, pattern lock or gestures.This apps also helps to remote control and customize your theme. This app monitor each unlocking of apps and on failed result, captures the screenshots of intruders that tried to unlock the app but failed due to wrong password or pattern. This app will capture them by the front camera and let you know about them.

Google play



Smart Lock

Smart look give you the ability to lock the apps as well as the media files and documents. You can easily protect your important documents, photos with Smart Lock.

Google play



Perfect App Protector

Perfect AppLock! lets you protect any applications you want with PIN, Pattern or Gesture. You can lock: Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, SMS, Email, Gallery, Camera, USB connection, Settings and any apps you choose.


Google play



Visidon AppLock

Protect any application (i.e. SMS, Gallery, E-Mail, Facebook, etc.) on your phone using face recognition. Convenient and cool way to increase safety of your private apps and content.Visidon AppLock lets you choose the apps to be protected. Your face is a key to open them! Application uses the frontal camera of your mobile and verifies in real-time that the face matches the one allowed to access the private apps.


Google play


Guest Locker

Keep your personal and confidential information secure with this new, easy-to-use security application – Guest Locker Smart Security!

Guest Locker is a new launcher application that protects your information and keeps it safely locked away when you share your device with colleagues for business, friends when they need to borrow your phone, and children when they want to spend endless hours playing with their favorite toy; your mobile device.





Apps Locker Master

Apps Locker Master is also a very good app locker for your Android. With an easy to use interface, it makes password protecting your apps a lot easier than the other alternatives.


Google play


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