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Best Google Chrome extensions for web designers and Developers


Google Chrome is the most-used Web browser worldwide, according to Stat Counter. In part that’s thanks to its swift performance, a clean interface and easy syncing with mobile devices. But this browser also benefits from plenty of useful extensions available on the Chrome Web Store.

Here is a list of 25 extensions for designers which makes the designer work more easy and comfortable.

Best Google Chrome extensions for web designers and Developers

1.Font Playground

Font Playground


2.iMacros for Chrome

iMacros for Chrome


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3.Project Naptha

Project Naptha


4.What Font

What Font





6.Web Developer

Web Developer


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7.Web Developer checklist

Web Developer checklist


8.DevTools Autosave

DevTools Autosave


9.Instant Wireframe

Turn any web page into a wireframe with just one click. This Google Chrome extension helps web developers and designers view web pages, whether local or live on the web, with a wireframe overlay.


Instant Wireframe



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10.Ripple Emulator

Ripple Emulator



Streak is the ultimate tool for managing CRM and support emails within Gmail. It allows you to turn a single email or an entire conversation into a trackable, assignable, organised ticket that you can manage yourself or share with others.





12.Search Stackoverflow

Search Stackoverflow


13.PHP Ninja Manual

PHP Ninja Manual

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15.Code Cola

Code Cola


16.Chrome Sniffer

Chrome Sniffer


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17.User Agent Switcher

User Agent Switcher


18.IE tab

IE tab





20.Chrome Daltonize

Chrome Daltonize


21.Page Ruler

Page Ruler


22.Check My Links

Check My Links


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23.Flickr Tab

Flickr Tab


24.Google Art Project

Google Art Project


25.Data Saver (Beta)

Data Saver (Beta)


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