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10 Best JavaScript Libraries Of November 2015


JavaScript is amazing language which servers multiple purpose for developers especially when it comes to animation, building dynamic interfaces, maps, animating SVGs and many more.JavaScript libraries makes your work more easy and fast.So in this post we have put together a list of 10 best new JavaScript Libraries of September 2015.

Best JavaScript Libraries Of November 2015


StackBlur.js is a fast, almost Gaussian blur for canvas. It’s based on implementation of StackBlur algorithm.


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Rater.js is a highly customizable rating widget that supports images, utf8 glyphs and other html elements!


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Offline.js is a library to automatically alert your users when they’ve lost internet connectivity, like Gmail.

It captures AJAX requests which were made while the connection was down, and remakes them when it’s back up, so your app reacts perfectly.It has a number of beautiful themes and requires no configuration.


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It’s a progressive image loading library which reduce loading time of page to less than a second on slow connections by loading and rendering nicely blurred micro images on the page while loading full sized images in background which replace as they finish.


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Stage.js is a 2D HTML5 JavaScript library for cross-platform game development, it is lightweight, fast and open-source.Stage.js provides a DOM-like tree data model to compose your application and internally manages rendering cycles and drawing of your application, it also processes and distributes mouse and touch events to targeted tree nodes.


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instantsearch.js a library of UI widgets to help you build the best instant-search experience with Algolia’s Hosted Search API.It’s more than widgets your code is easy to write and maintain. instantsearch.js provides the glue between the different parts of your search page. Everything is packaged in one library.


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Pizza is a responsive pie, donut, bar, and line graph charting library based on the Snap SVG framework from Adobe. It focuses on easy integration via HTML markup and CSS instead of JavaScript objects, although you can pass JavaScript objects to Pizza as well.


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A little js library (~8kb min, 3kb gzip, no dependencies) to help you keep track of position, scrolling, and pagination. Nothing too fancy, but since I couldn’t find a suitable library for these purposes.


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TremulaJS is a client-side javascript UI component enabling responsive, Bézier-based content-stream interactions with kinetic scrolling & physics effects for trackpad, pointer and touch UIs.


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ng-fx is an angular implementation of the popular Animate.css using the new $animateCssservice in angular. This is the core and foundation, but there is room for so much more. You can use these css animations dynamically with zero setup. So you get the best of both worlds (css vs js animations).


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