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Best Memory Booster Apps for Android

android memory booster apps

As it is with any other desktop or mobile operating system, the performance of your Android OS will start to diminish after you use it for some time. Mobile operating systems are supposed to be lighter and faster to keep up with our need to be on the move, yet still give us access to everything.

If your Android’s performance is starting to sag, don’t worry. There are several steps you can take to restore your device to working order.Here is a list of best memory booster apps for android which maximize your performance.To download the apps from play store just click on the images.

Best Memory Booster Apps for Android

Clean Master (Free)


DU Speed Booster (Free)

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CCleaner (Free)

Nova Launcher (Free)

Tasker ($2.99)

Android also features powerful apps that can automate trivial or repetitive tasks based on a variety of triggers. Among the most famous of these is Tasker, a versatile task automation app for Android phones that lets you create your own automatic task scripts based on a wide variety of actions and customizable triggers. From automatically silencing your phone at work or killing your mobile data when arriving at home or firing up your music app when you plug in your headphones, there are so many possible uses for this that it’d be folly to attempt to describe them all. While Tasker works perfectly fine even without root access, installing it on a rooted phone allows you to utilize even more custom task options. You can even take some of these automatic scripts and publish them in app format with the Tasker App Factory add on.

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IF by IFTTT (Free)

3c Toolbox / Android Tuner (requires root) (Free)

3c Toolbox, formerly known as Android Tuner, provides users with a ton of diagnostic and tweaking tools that a savvy user can utilize to diagnose and improve the health of their system. The toolbox includes a task manager to manage (or kill) your apps, backup or restore APKs, CPU governor and voltage tweaks, system settings such as SD cache size or just view a wealth of diagnostic data. As with any app that tinkers with system settings, be careful of what you tinker with and do your research before changing anything.

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Device Control (Free) (requires root)

BetterBatteryStats ($2.89) (requires root)

Greenify (requires root) (Free)


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