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Best Mockup and Wireframe Tools for Web Designers


When you want to create the greatest possible design that you can build, you likely already realize that you’ll need a strong foundation to start with. Building an exceptional website design isn’t so different from crafting a luxury home in this respect.

In this post we’ve put together a list of The 10 Best Mockup Tools and Wireframe Tools for Web Designers.

Best Mockup and Wireframe Tools for Web Designers

Frame Box

This is also the tool I used for a demo in the beginning of the post, it’s very basic, but I know it can be of good use for those who’re looking for simplicity and simple overlay options for their designs.



Very similar to the one above, but seems to sport a more modern look, and is also very minimal. also provides the support for mobile and tablet devices, making it really easy to switch between the both. (Desktop by default)



Wirefy was created as a tool to help web designers and developers create fast, manageable wireframes. It helps to speed up the journey between sketches and final deliverables. Like the web, it is in constant iteration. This requires a simple workflow and a well-defined collection of atomic elements so that new UIs can be quickly pulled together.

You can upgrade to a premium plan if you like, but the free plan offers all of the tools you need to build sample pages and get a better idea / feel of the direction your project needs to take.



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Pencil Project

Pencil is great for a lot of things, like mind-mapping for example, or building diagrams. It is however intended to be used for building prototypes and wireframes for web designers. It’s an open source desktop application, which works on most of the platforms today. You can easily build iOS or Android wireframe templates, which will save you a ton of time.



iPhone Mockup

Most of the tools in this list will provide mobile support in one way or another, but it’s nice to have a free iPhone mockup tool like this one at hand, when you need to do some quick prototyping without having to worry about project files or load times.




UXPin is a known name in the web designer industry, their wireframing and prototyping tool has helped to changed the lives of many web projects. The design of the application is flawless, the feature list is immense, and modern designers will appreciate the ability to import your design files directly from Photoshop and Sketch into UXPin. Custom UI libraries that range from iOS all the way to Android and more! It really does feel like an unique wireframing experience, and it’s 30days free to play with.




Balsamiq is all about the traditional values of prototyping online, expect fast speed and smart features, especially when it comes to collaboration on projects. You can expect the Balsamiq app to reflect an experience of using a whiteboard to create your prototypes, easy to use, smooth and a ton of fun! Some of the biggest names on the web use their platform to crate mockups.




The Axure platform is one of the most versatile standalone apps out there that provide a big variety of features, and allow the creation of the following:

  • Mockups
  • Wireframes
  • Flowcharts
  • Prototypes
  • Web Designs
  • Presentation Slides
  • iPhone Mockups
  • iPad Mockups

and a big number of Fortune 500 companies believe in Axure to use them on daily basis.



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Visual Paradigm

As an all-round software design tool, Visual Paradigm is famous for its requirements gathering and system modeling supports. Visual Paradigm features an easy-to-use wireframe editor that comes with a rich set of wireframe widgets. You can easily create wireframes for any websites, desktop applications, and even iOS apps and Android apps. Not only does it support drawing wireframes, but also a storyboard feature that lets you connect wireframes to form meaningful, scenario-based storyboards. This makes presentation of screen design ideas much more effective and rewarding.



In the latest version of Visual Paradigm, you can even make use of its wireframe editor to perform quick editing of existing system screen. Simply take a snapshot of the system, and then modify it by removing, repositioning and adding screen components into the captured image. This provides a speedy and effective way to clarify and confirm user requirements.




Pidoco offers an easy to use solution to building fast prototypes that your clients will adore. Not only that, it is extremely simple to start using and results can be achieved within minutes of launching the app. For me, one of the best feature is definitely the ability to perform offline and online user tests quickly and easily using our convenient HTML export or conferencing or screensharing tools.



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