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Best PHP Search Scripts for Developers


Search engines provide a convenient way for people to locate things on your site using the terms which they are familiar with. When they can easily find what they want on your site, they are less likely to go away disappointed when the content is actually available on your site albeit under a different name.Here in this post we are going to discuss about 7 best PHP Search Scripts for PHP developers.

PHP Search Scripts for Developers

Live Search

Live search collect all urls from your website and cache them into a special cache directory. The search process will be done over the cached files, so only caching will cost time.


  • Easy to include and setup
  • Should work with every smaller and middle website
  • No need of any database
  • Pagination function
  • Caching of searchresults and content
  • Include unlinked files new since 1.2
  • Include external hosts (domains) new since 3.3
  • Define logical correlation between single words (AND, OR, as is) new since 3.4
  • Exclude paths and files from being searched for links new since 1.2
  • Exclude paths and files from being searched for links new since 1.2
  • Exclude < script > blocks new since 2.0
  • Added performance switch if necessary new since 2.0
  • Search for META-description new since 2.0
  • Search for META-keywords new since 2.0
  • Search for images new since 2.0


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PHP Video Search Engine

PHP Video Search Engine is an advanced video search engine based on YouTube’s Search API it’s a powerful tool for searching for videos, it includes a series of filters and two types of displaying the results which are list and grid, also it’s Adsense Ready (3 ad spots).



  • Video Search Engine (YouTube API)
  • Playing videos without going on external link (FancyBox included)
  • Two display types: grid & list
  • 8 Filters, Sort by & Upload Date
  • Sort By: Relevancy, Date, rating, View Count
  • Upload Date: Today, This Week, This Month, All time
  • Tooltips included


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This PHP script allows you to search for files in ANY website. All you have to do is specify what website you want to search, the kind of files you are looking for then click Crawl to watch spider handle the rest.


  • Over 150 file tpyes included
  • Accepts custom file types
  • Crawler Depth Managemment
  • Preview and export HTML
  • Saves results on server
  • Crawling Time Limits
  • Exports to SQL File
  • Bootstrap 3.0 Ready
  • Responsive Design
  • Excel CSV Ready
  • Eports to JSON


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PHP Search Engine and Crawler

Advanced PHP Search engine, with Full-Text search queries in BOOLEAN mode, and cURL page crawler.



  • MySQL Full-Text search engine
  • PHP Crawler (only for domains and subdomains)
  • Various filters (including “exact match”)
  • Option to order the results by relevancy
  • Adsense ready, 3 ad units
  • Top 15 most searched keywords
  • Cross Browser compatible
  • Includes a database with +40.000 domain crawled (most of them are Romanian domains)


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GogooooSE is totally amazing fulltext and independent search engine with spelling (porter stemming algorithm sed) that is intended for any of your websites. GogooooSE is based on amazing SQLite3 database engine with build-in FT3 fulltext extension that is based on some Google guys work (and used internally in numbers of Google projects!).


  • Easy to install and configure (upload & run!)
  • Searches all HTML /Text files on your website (based on content-type header)
  • Super fast searching with spelling, keywords highlighting and scoring!
  • Boolean search, extended search (e.g.: title:keyword)
  • Finds matching in Title, Meta Keywords and in content of web page with stemming !!
  • No external database required, (you need only PHP PDO SQLite3 support on your server)!


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Advanced Email Scraper

Advanced Email Scraper is most powerful web based tool to extract emails by various techniques like website crawl, URL crawl, search in Google/Bing, search in txt file. Not only that by this tools can check email validation (pattern, MX record) , search for whois data, filter your email list by removing duplicate emails, check web page status .It is designed carefully so that you can install & use it very easily.


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Ajax Search Form

Ajax search form is a PHP script with a few line of Javascript. It have an elegant, simple and clean HTML Template. Easy to integrate you can use it on your site in minutes.


  • PHP / MySQL Search form
  • Live search in your mysql databse
  • Ajax load results
  • Ajax pagination
  • Character limiter
  • No white spaces or illegal characters(only in first 4 characters)
  • Explode phrase in words for better search
  • Easy to integrate in your site sistem
  • Nice and clean design
  • PSD file also included


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