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Best Useful Image Tools For Social Marketer

If you work with social media a lot, you must know that every platform requires different dimensions for the photos you upload. These dimensions ensure that you can create the best-looking photo for that position or location, be it a Facebook cover photo or a cover photo for Google Plus, a Twitter header or more.
To do this manually is a pointless venture because now there are plenty of tools that can help you manipulate your images into the dimensions and sizes suitable for most, if not all social networking sites out there. Here are 10 great tools that have help you better manage your images for higher social engagement online.

Best Useful Image Tools For Social Marketer

1. Canva

Probably our most-used image tool at Buffer, Canva makes image creation super easy (especially for non-designers) with their premade templates, custom image sizes for every social media channel, drag-and-drop interface, cool fonts, and more. Most every original image you see shared from our social accounts was made in Canva.




2. Skitch – Screen capture and annotation

Our go-to screenshot tool, Skitch pops up with a quick keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Shift+5 on Macs), then you can click and drag over the area you want to snip. We keep coming back to this tool because of the awesome and easy annotation features. You can circle things, point to things, blur things, and add text with just a couple quick clicks. A product of Evernote, Skitch lets you save and store all screengrabs into an Evernote folder of your choosing.




3. Social Image Resizer Tool

Social media is fickle-minded. There are so many image size rules for so many social networking sites that it will be a surprise if you can keep track of them all e.g. Facebook requires 315px by 851px for its cover photo, while Twitter requires 1500px by 500px.

social image resizer


4. PowerPoint – Easy image software

Presentation software might not be the first thing that comes to mind for image creation, yet there are a large number of amateur designers who get great use out of creating images via the templates and tools baked right into PowerPoint.
Think of slides as images. And then consider how easy it is to edit slides in PowerPoint. You can set photos as slide backgrounds, add text and colors, and place icons and graphics. When you save the slide in PowerPoint, choose to save as an image, and you’ll be set.



5. Pablo

Pressed for time? Use Pablo to create the image you need in under 30 seconds. Insert your quote, add a secondary text or a logo, fix your headline text size and color then choose your background. You can choose any of the ready images or you upload your own. You can also tweak the images to carry a blurry effect or to change into a black and white photo.



6. Placeit

For creating beautiful images that feature your home page, blog, app, or service, Placeit provides some neat integrations with your web address and their photography and video. Choose a background from Placeit’s library, then upload a screenshot or give Placeit a URL to grab in order to insert your site into the image.
Placeit does the rest. You can download or embed your new creation anywhere.



7. Pinwords

Pinwords helps you add a quote or caption to one of six typographic layouts. Your text can be easily shifted about, enlarged or shrunk to the right size. Upload an image you want to work on or pick an image from the web to get started, pick the font or typography style that you want, change the size of your text then click “Pin it” to save all your changes.



8. Befunky

Befunky is a mash of three tools: a photo editor, a collage maker and a tool to give you awesome photo effects. Apart from the regular tools (sharpen, blur, crop, etc), Befunky’s photo editor tool gives you color effects like color pinhole, chromatic, charcoal among others, and the ability to add not only text but also graphic elements.



9. Recitethis

Quotes are hot content on social media and one of the most share-able too. The catch is, it is the kind that comes with a background image. ReciteThis is a tool you can use to create quote images very easily. Simply enter your quote in the form provided, and a live preview will be shown to you. Pick the template you find more suitable, then click the ‘create’ button.



10. Infogram

If you need to display an infographic, infogram is a simple yet great tool to create infographics quickly. It’s easy to use, and it comes with infographic templates. If you have more time, you can create it manually by taking a chart from the cart list, and replacing the data values with your own data set. Besides that you are also add country maps.



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