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Best Way to Download YouTube Videos Android


Youtube is the best way to share and watch video online.To Download the you tube videos is not so hard for computer but for mobile sometimes it is very difficult to find the best way to download videos.So Here in this post I will show you the best way to download your favorite You tube videos and watch them offline.

Best Way to Download YouTube Videos Android

Watch offline video with youtube apps

With YouTube apps you can also download and watch your video offline.If you use the latest version of you tube apps then you have this features.For this open your you tube apps Tap the video you want to download and then.When the video is streaming hit this button in the picture below.

download-youtube -video

Then your video will be downloaded for offline watch.But this feature is not available for all the video.But I think most of the video supports it.


Download with your phone brower

1)To download videos with your browser at first search the video you want to download like “Big Hero 6”.

2)Then tap the video link and Your phone give you to option by default “Browse”and “You tube.”don’t open it in your you tube app,choose the first on because we need the link.

3)Go to your browser url and copy the link.

4)Go to this website

5)In the search box paste the link and tap enter

6) At last tap download and choose your format and your video will be downloaded.


Use other app to download

This is also a easy way to download your video.But in the play store you can’t find any app to download you tube video because Google all of those app. TubeMate YouTube Downloader  is one of the best app to download to download video.Before Google remove all the app it was  very popular in play store. You can download this from their website.




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