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Bike Rivals – Free Android And iOS Game To Dwnload


Miniclip is a mobile and online games and short video watcher website which includes the website created a lots of mobile game in different style and different mode.Bike rivals is on of the most popular game of Miniclip.Bike Rivals is a new and exciting physics based motocross Android And iOS Game.

There are too many physics based racing game in the market.Bike rivals is not far different from them.The main deference is the racing track,animation,graphics and some special features.


Initially Bike Rivals seems pretty standard. Players bike their way through environments, boosting and braking carefully to keep their rider steady and in one piece.

With simple controls,tap on the edges of the screen to accelerate and brake,while tilting the device to lean backwards or forward,giving you an edge in key sections of the levels.Take on the death defying worlds of the trial zone and apocalypse,with their numerous dynamic elements that make this game very challenging.Try you best to beat the clock to gain 3 stars which is very important to unlock the level.You can play up to 30 levels without any condition but to participate in the Apocalypse world which start in 31 level you have to fulfill the condition. You need 80 stars and 30 multiplayer win to unlock the Apocalypse world.Or yo can unlock the level by purchasing coins.There are some package of purchasing coins which starts with $2.12.

Bike Rivals Game Review

In multiplayer option you can play with your friend or you and take participate to their online championship.There are 3 championship Bronze tier which entry fee is 25 coins and reward is 50 coin another is Silver Tier which entry fee is 125 coins and reward is 250 coins and the last one is Gold Tier and it”s fee is 250 coins and reward is 500 coins.

There is a sample video to give you an idea about the graphics and gameplay of the game.



Now talk about the graphics of the game.Bike rivals graphics is quite good but it  doesn’t like too hot.Firstly the 2D illustrated visuals are fine but overwhelming bland.Secondly while having 100 stages is impressive but the repeating themes across different areas like fire and ice world gets old.There are some slow motion special effect in this game which make the game more exciting.

Bike Rivals Game Review3


Want to beat the clock for best timing or win the championship apply tricks like wheelies,backlflips and frontflips to get some nitro boosts or pick them up throughout the level.If you use them wisely you will get even
better race times.

Bike Rivals Game Review


What make Bike Rivals different and more exciting from others similar game is the racing track and how clever the levels are and some slow motion special effects.In  this game there are a lot more angels.In one part player are riding alongside the outer rim of a razor sharp fan trying not to be get shredded,in another they are boosting away from a falling boulder over a wooden bridge changing the landscape dynamically is the most exciting portions.

In the store you can change your bike,upgrade your instruments,buy super nitro booster,gas tank,helmets and many more. Screenshot

If you connect Facebook with the game you can challenge your friend,see your friend statics and many other option are awaiting for you.

Bike Rivals Game Review


* Awesome realistic physics
* Amazing  graphics.
* Insane obstacles and stunts
* Good and challenging gameplay
* A better control and touch
* Singleplayer and multiplayer modes
* Around 90 tracks across three distinct level packs
* Different bikes to unlock from the store with different physics for a great gameplay experience
* Free to play
* Awesome and quirky characters
* In-game achievement


[Download]   Android   /  iOS


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