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Most Common Android Problems And Solutions

Android phones and tablets are very easy to use and usually trouble-free. But sometimes your phone may be lagged or some apps don’t work properly or slow in your device as well as there are many others errors.So here we will try to cover most common Android problems and show you how to solve this.

Android Problems And Solutions

Running out of memory

This is one of the  most common problems for the Android users who has  low ram.There are many reasons for this problem, but the cache can often get too full to allow the efficient running of apps.You can use any good cache cleaner apps from Play Store to free up memory. You will also need to either uninstall or move apps to an expansion card to free up more physical memory.


Play Store Crashing

If you have a corrupt cache then your google play store apps will be crush when you launch it.It’s very easy to get rid of this problems.You just need to wiping its cache to fix the problem.In order to wiping cache follow this step..

  • Settings
  • Apps
  • Swipe right to locate the “all” tab
  • Locate Google Play Store and wipe cache and data
  • Restart your phone


Not Recognising microSD Card

If this problems happens the best way to solve this is to format your sd card.This solves just a portion of the issues with SD cards.In order to format the sd card with Android go to ..

  • Settings
  • Storage
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select “Format SD card”
  • Then select “Format SD card” again


Hide my search history

Go to in your Android browser and login. You can now choose to remove your searches and not save future searches from this page.


Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting Frequently

It happens for the wifi sleep policy.If your sleep policy is on then your wifi connection will disconnect every time when your phone goes to sleep.To solve this problems go to..

  • Settings
  • Wifi
  • Advance Wi-Fi settings
  • Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep

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Clock keeps losing time

This can happen if your clock is set to automatically update the time from your network. If the network clock is slow, so will your phone be.To solve this go to..

  • Settings
  • Date & time
  • untick the ‘Automatic’ box at the top

Your clock should now run perfectly on time with only manual adjustments needed occasionally.


Phone won’t connect to PC using USB

Most Android phones will connect without problem to a PC, but on occasion they will run into trouble. The first place to look is the manufacturer’s website to find the required drivers to connect it. They are not always available and so you may need to send in a support request to get them.


The Nuclear Option

If all else fails, and you’ve even turned to search engines for help, there’s still the Android equivalent of the nuclear option: a factory reset. To perform a factory reset go to:

  • Settings
  • Backup & reset
  • Then choose reset at the bottom of the window


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