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25 Best File Uploader & Downloader PHP Scripts


In this article, you will show you  20+ best File Uploader & Downloader PHP  Scripts which will help you to upload images, videos, audios and any file format into your PHP driven website.

File Uploader & Downloader PHP Scripts

BeDrive – File Sharing and Cloud Storage

BeDrive allows you to create your own self hosted file sharing and hosting website in minutes with no coding knowledge.It has an impressive feature set that rivals and even surpasses current industry leaders such as Dropbox or google drive.


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zFiles – Online file Sharing Platform

zFiles is Advanced PHP Multiple File Uploader allows your visitors and your users to upload multiple files at a time. Also can share Files with other users or create a public link for anyone. zFiles was created for everyone that must constantly send or receive files.


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VideoShare – Video Sharing Platform

VideoShare is a PHP Video CMS created to allow people and web developers to create and start(open) their own video sharing website. The CMS has high performance, responsive & flexible design and liteweight video uploader.


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Filepicker – Multi file uploader

Filepicker is an advanced file uploader script built with PHP and JavaScript (jQuery) that allows to upload multiple files to a server without any hassle, offering a large number of options to play with and easy ways to change its behavior to better suit it for your needs.


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DropSlot – Public File Sharing Network

DropSlot is really unique and lightweight public file sharing network script, which has alot of awesome features like Multi-upload, URL uploads and search system.


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FileUpload is an easy way to upload and share files with your friends or customers. Possessing and file manager, users can manage your files and find them easily and comfortably through the filters. Each user has a fixed disk space set by the administration and is unable to exceed it so easy to fit in the capabilities of your hosting or virtual server.


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Droppy – Online file sharing

Droppy is a online file sharing system that you can use to share multiple files with family members or friends. You can send the files using email or copy a link that you can share with anyone you want. The files will be destructed after a certain amount of time and can not be restored again.


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OrakUploader – Modern Image Multi Uploader

OrakUploader is a new, modern image multi uploader, offering a wide variety of functions. It’s based on HTML5, so it does not require flash. Easy to implement and use.


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Arfaly.js – Powerful & responsive multi file uploader

Arfaly PHP is designed for folks who want an upload solution that can be implemented out of the box in minutes without writing infrastructure or custom code.


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Files 4 Client Pro – Easy File Transfer

This is an ideal solution for companies or freelancers who need to send their files to customers that are too big to be sent by email. With Files 4 Client Pro you have full control over your files and offer your recipients a convenient and professional interface to deal with them.


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Get File Uploader, cropper, sizes and image format

Get File is a plugin which aims to provide an easy way to upload images and other files from a form using AJAX.

In just 5 minutes, you will be able to configure this plugin to save the files selected by the user in your chosen folder using AJAX, without any type of page reloading.

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It’s super-easy to use, upload files and set their expiration by days or by downloads, share the download link and enjoy! Once the expiration options are reached the download is disabled and the file delete.


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Tequila – File Hosting Script

Tequila is a solid, safe, fast, simple and intuitive script which allows companies or individuals to upload, manage and share their files online. It is studied in every feature and was produced with attention to every detail.


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miniPAN PHP File Management System

The miniPAN is a PHP based file management script, that is seamlessly integrated with TinyMCE, CKEditor. This script can also be used standalone and it’s easy to integrate with your backend system.


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ImagePicker: Uploader – Webcam – Cropper

ImagePicker is a quick and easy way to upload images for profile avatar, profile header/cover (like YouTube/Google+), generate thumbnails or just when you need a simple but yet powerful image uploader.


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Multitple Files, Images Uploader and Resizer

Hezecom Multitple File, Image Uploader and Resizer is a powerful tool for developer, a modern day speed uploader compactable with major browsers with drag and drop enabled. This script handles both files and images uploading with speed. It resize multiple images to the size specified.


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Veno File Manager – host and share files


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TakeThat! file sharing system V.3


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Send It – Simple file sharing


Details & Download


Avatar Changer


View Demo     Details & Download


Simple File Sharer


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Advanced PHP Multiple Images Uploader

PHP Multiple Images Uploader is a HTML5 powered image uploader which allows you to upload multiple files at once by drag’n’drop images from your PC, the images uploaded can be made public or private.


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ImgShot Image Hosting Script


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