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15 Free AngularJS Admin Themes

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AngularJS is a popular javascript framework to create web applications. AngularJS is a great technology for building dashboards.A great dashboard design involves plenty of data visualisation elements work together.Here we have put together 15 free and totally responsive AngularJS Admin Themes for developers.

Free AngularJS Admin Themes


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AngularJS Dashboard With D3JS

This is a simple implementation of D3JS in an Angular app. It’s not meant to be a finished product, but just an example of how you might integrate the two.The data is just made up, meant to model traffic to an app or website.

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Angularjs MDL Dashboard

Simple init project using dashboard example from material design lite in.

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Versatile Dashboard

It’s a free Animated Metro Style Flat AngularJS Theme.

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Angular Bootstrap Dashboard

ngular Bootstrap Dashboard is a web dashboard application based on Bootstrap and AngularJS. All components included in this dashboard template has been developed to bring all the potential of HTML5 and Bootstrap plus a set of new features (JS and CSS) ideal for your next dashboard admin theme or admin web app project. Angular Bootstrap Dashboard.

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Angular Dashboard App

Dashboard/Widgets functionality with AngularJS.


  • Adding/removing widgets
  • Widgets are instantiated dynamically (from corresponding directive or template)
  • Widgets drag and drop (with jQuery UI Sortable)
  • Saving widgets state to local storage
  • Fluid layout (widgets can have percentage width)

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Free Responsive Bootstrap Joli Angular JS Admin Template

Joli is a free admin template/Dashboard/Web App based on Angular JS. Its is responsive template means it is compatible with smart devices like tablet and phones as well.It is very easy to use and customize according to various requirements.

angularjs admin themes-7

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Angular Dashboard Fluance

Angular Dashboard Fluance is an implenentation of the dashboard design pattern for angularjs. It is a common base to build a strong and smart dashboard interface.

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Ani Theme

Ani Theme is a Boilerplate for Animated AngularJS Starter Theme written with Bootstrap LESS.

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Angular UI Dashboard

angularjs admin themes-10

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