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Fruit Nina-Tips,Tricks,Cheats

In Fruit Ninja you are a ninja that is tasked with slicing as much fruit as you can while avoiding obstacles such as bombs. There are a few different modes to choose from including arcade, classic, and multiplayer. No matter what mode you play, the object is to slash as much fruit as you can while avoiding bombs.

There are lots of ways to rack up your score and unlock objectives faster. These are the top Fruit Ninja tips, hints, and cheats you must know!

Fruit Nina-Tips,Tricks,Cheats

1. You don’t need to buy starfruit with real money

Starfruit is the main currency type in fruit ninja and you can use it to buy boosts and other swag inside the game. Fruit Ninja is one of the very few games that actually requires you to buy in-game currency in order to advance. Most of the objectives are fairly easy to complete and earn you quite a bit of starfruit. You can also watch short video ads which is another super simple way to rack up starfruit to use toward boosts.



2.Check Gutsu’s Cart periodically for free starfruit

Sometimes Gatsu has a nice little starfruit bonus waiting for you when you visit his cart. If you’ve never visited it before, be sure you do and you may be surprised how much starfruit he has to offer you right off the bat. This is also where you’ll buy power ups to use inside the game, some of which you’ll need in order to complete certain objectives.



3.Don’t use long swipes when bombs are around

While bombs don’t end the game in arcade mode, they do end the game in classic mode if you hit one. Try to always use short and brief swipes when you know bombs are floating around. The longer the swipe you use, the more likely you are to hit a bomb that may appear. Just go after fruit and don’t worry about combos unless there are no bombs lurking around.



4.Use Peachy Times to boost your score in arcade and zen mode

I’ve found Peachy Times to be one of the most useful power ups if you enjoy playing arcade mode. Every peach you slice gives you an extra 2 seconds on the clock. While that doesn’t seem like a lot, when you swipe several of them, that’s a heck of a lot more game play time to work with. In some games, it can make a difference of a few hundred points if you’ve got a great combo blitz going.



5.Try playing upside down

Playing upside down helps some players since the fruit comes up from the bottom. When you’re holding your iPhone or iPad, your hand most likely obscures some of your view of the bottom of the screen. Playing upside down prevents this from happening. If you play with your iPhone or iPad laying flat on the table, simply rotate it. If you play holding your device, use rotation lock and then turn it.


6.Blitzes are coming after some combos. There are different blitzes like Combo Blitz that you earn after 3 combos in row. Great Blitz is coming after 6 combos in a row or awesome Blitz after 9 combos in a row and so goes on.
7. Fix your focus on a particular point of the line. This will permit you to act faster. Don’t try to flicker your eyes here and there. Just stay on one part of the screen (a line) and slice whatever passes from there.

8.Multiple special bananas = huge high score

The most awesome way to boost your score ever is when you get a two power up bananas at the same time in arcade mode. Double points and freeze are awesome but the rare fruit frenzy and freeze bananas are by far the best combo to have. Once everything is frozen and the fruit is moving in slow motion, just wait for it to fill up then slide in broad strokes to rack up huge combos over and over.



9. Hold your phone with a way that will not block your slicing finger. Your finger must be ready to do whatever trip to the screen.


10. Don’t pause the game if it not necessary. After going live again, you will have lost all your focus and the game is almost ended.


11. Be patient. The placement of the bombs is random so try again, in the next round you may be more lucky.


12.A good ninja always listens first, and acts second

If you pay close attention, you can hear whether fruit or a bomb has been launched your way by the sounds the game makes. Listen to these cues as it gives your brain time to prepare for what’s coming up from the bottom of the screen. If you hear a ticking bomb, you know that short strokes are a good idea. If you don’t, you know you’re in the clear to swipe as many combos as you can quickly.



13. Don’t press the screen too much. A lighter touch of the finger will allow you to move the sword more fluidly and swiftly and get more points.


14.Pay attention to the objectives and complete them

Completing objectives in Fruit Ninja is the simplest way to rack up starfruit quickly. The amount offered is very generous and the objectives are never incredibly hard. Some of them may require you to buy power ups to complete them but they don’t cost a ton and they’re extremely fun to use. I also never pay to skip an objective. It costs a lot of starfruit and odds are, you’ll get good enough to pass it if you just try a few times.



15.Don’t be afraid to start a level over

Sometimes you start off badly. Perhaps you hit a bomb right off the bat in arcade mode, or you let a fruit drop off the screen in classic mode. Unlike games such as Candy Crush or Two Dots, there is no lives limit and you can play as much as you want, as often as you like. If you’re having a bad game, quit and start over!


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