Google Play Tips every Android User Should Know


To get the best experience of google play in this post we put together a some tips about google play which help you test drive apps, save money and more.

Google Play Tips every Android User Should Know

Manage your devices

Google play store has the information about the every single device you logged in to your account.To manage your devices just go to play store settings in a browser and you can see the list of all browser you connected your account.Now you can change your device name and edit other things from the edit menu.



Get an app not available in your country

if you want to get an app which is not available in you country then you need to install a VPN app ike Hideninja or Tunnelbear VPN, which helps you to mask your IP address and give you remote IP address in a country as you choice.Then just select the country whose Play Store you want to access in the VPN app, get the VPN app and running, then open the Play Store app. It should land on the Play Store homepage of the country you selected.


Download TunnelBear VPN

Download Hideninja VPN

Downlod Shellfire VPN


Put a parental lock

If you dont want that your child download some unwanted content from play store you easily create a parental lock to control your device.Set up parental lock open your play store app,tap the Menu icon, then Settings > Parental controls and tap the slider so it says ‘On.Create a parental lock PIN code, then go through the list of things you can download on the Play Store and tap the ones you want to set restrictions for.When the parental lock is set you need to put your pin when you want to download the restricted app you listed.



Get refunds on the Ply Store

Once you’ve purchased an app, on its Play Store page you’ll see options to ‘Install’ or ‘Open’ it. In addition, a ‘Refund’ option will have now appeared next to it. Tap the refund button within two hours of your purchase to get your money back, no questions asked.



Filter Google Play content.

Google Play offers a number of content-filter settings that let you restrict the types of apps that you can download via your account.

To view and modify your content settings, open the Google Play app, click the three-dot menu icon and choose Settings. Under User Controls, choose Content filtering options. You can customize those settings by checking or unchecking the boxes next to the five filter options under ‘Allow apps rated for’, which include ‘Everyone’, ‘Low maturity’, ‘Medium maturity’, ‘High maturity’, and ‘Show all apps’.


Filter tablet-optimized apps

Finding apps that are designed for tablets in Google Play is simple, thanks to a newish Designed for Tablets section in Google Play. To access that section, open the Google Play app on your tablet and tap the Apps option at the top of the page. Drag a finger to the left of your screen to scroll from the homepage to one of the following pages, and choose Designed for Tablets from the drop-down menu at the top of a page. At this point, when you scroll through the various pages—including Top Paid, Top Free, and Top Grossing—you’ll see only tablet-optimized apps.



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