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Hidden Features On Android Accessibility Options

An Android device has a ton of features you never imagine.So here in this post we will discuss about the hidden features of Android Accessibility Option.

Hidden Features On Android Accessibility Options

Text-to-Speech Services

This features take textual data and have the device “read” the content aloud using a computer “voice.” Hands-free applications, such as navigation apps routinely use this technology to provide turn-by-turn directions to automobile drivers, while the visually impaired can also use this type of service to help decipher text on the screen


Use Magnification Gestures To Zoom Anywhere

Once you enable “Magnification Gestures” feature you  will zoom in on anything you want (except the keyboard and notifications bar), whether the app allows for it or not.



Speech Recognition Services

Simply text-to-speech in reverse, speech recognition services take voice input from the user and turn it into textual data. You’ll frequently see this service used by search applications and contact management applications that respond to specific commands like “Call Dad.”


Hang Up with the Power Button

When your phone rings and you need to quickly cut the call, press the Power button—that’s all you’ll have to do if you enable “Power button ends call” in your Accessibility settings.



Support Alternative Input Methods

Some Android devices have directional controllers like directional-pads, trackballs, and arrow keys. These types of devices are often favored by those with visual impairments, as they allow the user to systematically navigate a screen of components.Ensure your applications provide support for these input methods as well as simple touchscreens.


Turn Any Book into an Audiobook

Google’s built-in “Text-to-speech output” option can turn any ebook into an audiobook, says CNET. It won’t work with Pocket or even Kindle, but with the Google Play Books app, you can have any book read aloud. The best part? You can customize the voice to how you like it.





Get Larger Text System-Wide

There is an option here to enable “Large text” and it works across the system. So your font is made larger everywhere, thus making it more legible too.




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