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HTML Video Tutorial for Beginners

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Web browsers can read HTML files and render them into visible or audible web pages. Browsers do not display the HTML tags and scripts, but use them to interpret the content of the page.There are many resources and tutorials in online to learn Html but to be a expert in Html you just need to practice a lot.

For the beginners we have put together some video tutorials which helps you to learn the basic of Html.If you practice more and more one day you will be a expert in Html.Currently the Html version 5 is running but for the learner they should start with the XHTML and HTML.

HTML Video Tutorial for Beginners

HTML Tutorial for Beginners – part 1 of 4

The tutorial starts off with definitions for both HTML and XHTML. It then goes on to demonstrate how you can use Microsoft Notepad to create your HTML file. It explains what HTML tags are and how to use some of the basic ones. This tutorial also shows how to display the HTML file in a web browser.


HTML Tutorial for Beginners – part 2 of 4

This video will introduce the break tag, the paragraph tag, and heading tags. It will also show an easy way to test the various HTML tags.


HTML Tutorial for Beginners – part 3 of 4

This video will show how the default behavior of tags can be changed, using attributes, and it will also describe the Document Type Definition (DTD).


HTML Tutorial for Beginners – part 4 of 4

This video demonstrates the use of the image tag for placing images on a webpage. The anchor tag will also be demonstrated which can be used for creating links on a webpage.


Introduction to HTML Programming

This video teaches you basic HTML Programming. After taking this tutorial you will be able to code basic HTML web pages and write raw HTML code for sites such as Craigslist.


Learn HTML in 12 Minutes


HTML Basics

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