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Instagram-Tips,tricks and Features

Instagram is now the family of 500 million users.It is a photo sharing application where anyone with a instagram account can share their photo.But it’s not only a photo sharing app.It has a tons of features which the instagram users can never imagine.It gets really difficult for  a user to get hold of all possible features that this app has to offer.

So in this post we give you an idea about what this app can offer and it’s cool features and hou to use those features.

 1.Embed your photos on the Web

want to share your instagram photo on your personal blog,Find your desire post via  Instagram on the Web, click the menu button (three horizontal dots) and choose View Photo Page.After that open the menu and select the Embed option.Then you see a code which  can be pasted anywhere on the Web to showcase the picture.

Instagram-Tips,tricks and Features


2.Save Original Instagram Photos

While download the images most of the social app compressed the images.Compressed the images is good, it’s interest is of users as compressed images lead to less data usage.But compressed images quality is not so good.So the instagram gives you the offer to download your high quality original images.To access this feature go to your instagram profile tap on the three dots that symbolize options on the top right.



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3.Send Photos To Selected People

If you don’t want to share your feed but some selected people,Instagram gives you a features to share your photo individually up to 15 people.They can comment  on the photo as normal.

To use Instagram this features, choose Direct when you’re at the “Share To’” page. It’s in  the top next to “Followers”. After that select your recipients by tapping the circle next to their names or by typing their names in the ‘To’ space. Finish off by hitting Send. If you want to view your messages, go to the tray icon at the top right of your home page.


4.Save your favorites to Dropbox

There are many different ways you can use Instagram with IFTTT, from sending your pictures to Twitter to keeping track of images at a certain location.Add Dropbox into the mix and you can build a recipe that saves all the Instagram pictures you favorite to your hard drive, which is a great way of building up a collection of the best snaps you come across on the network.

Save your favorites to Dropbox


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5. Keeping Your Instagram Account Private

In instagram you can publicly share all of your photos and all other people can follw you randomly.Instagram addresses this issue with an option that helps user to keep their account private.It’s give you the option who will be allowed to follow you.So if your account is private no one accept your allowed list can follow you.



6. Ignore Messages From People

If you are bored with your friend direct post then instagram offer you the option to ignore them.In order to ignore Direct posts from a person, go to the tray icon at the top right of your home page. Tap the horizontal three-dots button (iPhone) or vertical three-dots button (Android). Select “Ignore all posts from this user”.


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7.Pick your hashtags carefully

Before hash tagging your picture think about it why you you’re hashtagging your pictures: is it to get them seen by more people or to add them to the mix at a public event? Pick hashtags that are too common and they’ll get lost in the flood, so keep them relevant and use them sparingly.

Pick your hashtags carefully


8. Saving Data While Using Instagram

If you are concern about your mobile data while using instagram,then instagram provides a solution for your problem.To enable this you’ll need to go to the options menu and then tap on Cellular Data use.After that tap less data and that’s give you the feature.



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9. Make more of your profile

When the visitor check information about you your profile appears them at first.So make sure to make your profile good so that they can eager to follow you.Say something about yourself, what you do, and the types of photos you’ll be sharing.Make use of the website field to direct visitors to your full portfolio, your Twitter feed or anywhere else that’s going to help convince someone that you’re worth a follow.

 Make more of your profile


10.Linking Your Instagram Account to Other Social Media Accounts

Want to Link your profile with other social site?Then instagram provides you the features so that you can share your posts straightaway with your loved ones or with your followers.



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