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Mobile website & app collaboration – Does it really work for you?

Mobile website &amp

The idea of creating a perfect mobile presence for your business is accompanied by critical decisions. If you are new to the world of business then both mobile websites and app might appear similar to you. While both can enable you to boost profits and retain pleased customers, determining the one that would suit you and your requirements is a challenging job.

Questions like “Should I choose a mobile app? Should I go with a mobile-friendly website? Should I have both a website and an app? etc. might be continuously tickling your mind. No need to worry anymore. There is a simple answer to all these questions and that is both, a website and an app can co-exist and work in synchronization with each other, rendering you the expected business profits. If you still aren’t convinced with this answer, continue reading the post to find some interesting insights on how a collaboration of mobile website and app can work in your favor.

Mobile website &amp

Realizing the difference between a mobile-friendly website and a mobile app is vital

Mobile website &amp

Well, when it comes to the differences between a mobile app and a mobile-compatible website, there are many for you to notice. If you’re looking for providing products and services catering to a specific group of customers then a mobile website can turn to be the best choice. However, if you’re thinking about building an interactive game, you must opt for mobile application development services. While websites are ideal for retrieving a specific piece of information, apps serve as the right tools for finishing a particular task.

Mobile website &amp

Responsive design isn’t restricted to fitting on all mobile screens

While it’s quite easy to predict that developing a responsive site is much more cost-efficient as compared to developing a mobile application, by choosing both app and website, there’s a fact you must consider. It is “Responsive design is not just about fitting on every mobile screen”. While developing a mobile-responsive site or a mobile app, ensure that in addition to adjusting itself to the screen size, even the core functionality incorporated within the same works flawlessly. Doing this will make it more comfortable for your target audience to understanding your offerings in the most refined manner.

Delight customers by offering some common core functionality for your app and website

By rendering similar core functionality for your app and website(across multiple channels) you can conveniently impress your customers. Before inculcating the core features/functionalities, don’t forget to prioritize them in accordance to the current user needs and expectations. Optimizing the features for seamless mobile use is also an important point of concern here.

Vital pointers that will help you build the right mobile strategy for result-driven business promotion

  • Redirect happy users from mobile website to your business app

An efficient technique of driving traffic to your corporate app is by redirecting regular and delighted visitors of your mobile website to the app. In this way, you can easily increase app installation, thereby improving the overall conversion rate.

  • Ensure simple and quick navigation from website to app and vice-versa

Mobile website &amp

An important factor determining the conversion of potential visitors into loyal customers is the convenience of switching between the website and mobile application. As the entrepreneur/developer, ensure that the users are able to enjoy a remarkable experience while switching between the two channels.

  • Make the most of different website/app analytics tools

Using a renowned analytics tool allows you to fetch important details about your website/app such as the key traffic source, the type of audience and their specific requirements. Even from a user’s perspective, analytics encourages you to develop a highly integrated and consistent experience across multiple devices and platforms.

Mobile websites and apps aren’t mutually exclusive

Today, while some business owners put special emphasis on developing a mobile app than building a fully-functional, mobile website; it is essential to understand that both websites as well as app aren’t mutually exclusive. Both play a pivotal role in all the planning strategies that are being designed for smooth operation of a business organization. Although mobile apps have become the latest rage, mobile websites are in no way behind them. They have grown since all these years and continue to hold a unique niche when it comes to promoting the products and services on a global scale. As a recent research conducted in the US, it has been found that nearly 33% mobile internet users in the United States have been spending same amount of time in exploring both, mobile websites as well as mobile apps.

Wrapping it all up

As a conclusion, it goes without saying that both, mobile apps and website can undoubtedly serve you excellent benefits when used in conjunction with each other. As a merchant, it is purely your responsibility to find and implement an approach that would consider both the channels wherein any possible loopholes are being filled up appropriately. So, get set and empower your business with a perfect and timely blend of a mobile app and a mobile optimized website.


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