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Secrets to Increase Your Blog Traffic – Blogging Tips

Blog traffic helps in boosting the position of your blog in the web crawlers. It makes SEO a breeze to boot. Moreover increasing blog traffic can boost your online marketing campaigns also. In the experience that you have to be qualified and dependable blog traffic, yet don’t know where to start, this post will be your best asset.

Secrets to Increase Your Blog Traffic – Blogging Tips

Trick 1: Make Viral Content

Everybody wants to make viral blog content, however, many people do not know the tricks!

  • The 1st secret is to create incredible titles for the blog posts. 8 out of 10 individuals will click to go through the full post in the site. So you making an attractive and tempting title are must to get maximum hits on your posts.


  • The second secret is to get the length of your blog post. Buzzsumo, the distributor of viral content, found that the most shared blog posts ranged from 200 to 10,000 words. So develop some elaborated posts. Also try to put some good looking images related to your posts. It will make readers to understand your posts more clearly. It will also look like professional written post and readers will assess the author as a real expert. As a result they will come again to look for the next post of the author.

Trick 2: Share Blog Posts More than Once

Share each blog entry numerous times, contingent upon the sharing platform, in a convenient manner. For instance, you may tweet, Google+ or Facebook share your blog posts as soon as you publish. People spend their time by using social media networks. Wherever they are, park, street, lounge, restaurant; they keep their smart phone on to get the latest feeds. So it is a plus point for you to get their attention to your blog posts by sharing them as soon as you published on your blog.


Next day, share it or tweet it again! After a week, you can share your blog post on Google+!


Trick 3: Use Professional SEO Plugins

Choose the best SEO plugins according to your blog platform. You can use Yoast plugin for doing SEO. It will be the best way to purchase the premium SEOPressor for better enhancement of your web journals or blogs. SEOPressor is one of the best plugins for assessing the SEO score of your blog entry accurately. This will help you in getting great rankings for a specific keyword on Search Engine. You can look for other SEO plugins also. It is also recommended to consult with any SEO consultancy personnel or agencies. They might charge you for their services. In this case choose the popular one and be aware of getting trapped by frauds.


Trick 4: Install Fast Loading Theme

There are thousands of themes available. You need select the right one that suits with your blog contents and also remember about trendy designs. UX is also another fact for choosing a theme, because users will be attracted to your blog if your blog site has the best UX design. It will make them stay on your site longer time. They might be enjoying surfing your blog also. There are some basic themes free to use. But you should buy premium themes from online marketplaces. Premium themes usually contain more features than you need for your blog and they take less time to load the web page. Remember, a faster blog is one of the prerequisites to get maximum hit. This is important for not only getting traffic but also getting the rank in google search engine.


Trick 5: Help People Find Your Blog Posts

The primary procedure is as per the following: try to search words which are related to your selected keywords. You may utilize keyword planner to differentiate the ones with high search volume. Finally, apply those selected words in sentences of your blog contents. You should apply keywords as if it makes the real meaning of the sentence. Thus users will find your blog posts using different keywords. You need be careful of keyword density also. In this case if you don’t have much knowledge then discuss with SEO experts. You can also surf on the Internet for learning the limitation of keywords you can use in each of your blog posts.


Trick 6: Add the Share Button

There are hundreds numbers of social sharing plugins available. Your readers will never share your blog posts if there are no social sharing buttons available. Add social sharing button on your blogs to improve your blog traffic and your readers will improve the ranking of your blog.


Trick 7: Install Analytics

All bloggers should install Google Analytics to see the origin of traffics, which sources are best for quality traffic and what the users are thinking about your blog posts.



Trick 8: Generate Unique Ideas from Comments

Blog comments are awesome. You can use it as a source of new ideas! Not just is it awesome to associate with your readers, but you will get a ton of helpful blog post ideas from these comments throughout the years.


You need to find comments from users who really know their stuff.


Trick 9: Guest Posting

It is the most impressive strategy to take traffic from different sites. You can write on some prevalent blogs. The area of your content has effects a lot. When the time comes for your blog entry gets acknowledged on a famous blog and then you will be getting introduced with new readers. This will be a positive factor to pick up power and consequently traffic will increase.


Trick 10: Repurpose Your Blog Content

The answer is to repurpose your blog entries by transforming it into another format. Each of new post entries could then be moved to its own specific separate channel, where it would be seen by another group of users and assist to get maximum blog traffic. You could transform a blog entry into:

  • A Slide Presentation: Create a animated slide show out of your post and move to SlideShare
  • A Podcast: Create a promoting audio record for your blog post resoundingly and move to iTunes
  • A Screencast: Record yourself doing something on-screen, add a voice-over and transfer to YouTube


Another 5 Helpful Strategies for Low Traffic Bloggers

  • Create Evergreen List Posts: These evergreen posts are additional demonstrated tricks for enhancing your blog traffic. Evergreen posts can create useful traffic years after their unique production.
  • Put Subscription Option: In order to pull back a few of these potential fans, create an RSS channel utilizing Feedburner as well as put clear buttons on the top, base or sidebar of your blog entries empowering the individuals who love posts from your blog to sign up.
  • Host Event: Users in this real world will make an opportunity to grow your blog traffic via discussion.
  • Implement Email Contact System: Make sure that you are not avoiding email as a channel. In the case when given opportunity to discuss freely that is relevant, do not hesitate to raise your blog, a particular blog post or a topic.
  • Readers Surveying: You will get free tool from Google docs and it is awesome to survey your readers.


Conclusion: So if you have blog created newly and no one cares about it, these tricks can help put a smile on your face.

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