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SmartHalo – Turn Your Bicycle Into A Smart Bike


SmartHalo is a smart biking device designed for urban cyclists. Its military-grade locking system ensures it stays permanently on your handlebar to assist you when you need it.It is not just another bike accessory: it installs permanently and is built to resist the harshest cities.It pairs with your smartphone to bring your biking experience to a new level.

Main Features Of SmartHalo


SmartHalo finds the quickest and safest routes and bikepaths for you, to make your ride a stress-free experience. Input the destination on your smartphone, tuck it safely back in your pocket and let SmartHalo take care of the rest. Get turn-by-turn navigation straight on your handlebar, like a bike GPS, but simply through an intuitive light halo.



It reminds you where you’re parked

Head in the clouds? Some dizziness? Or is life too stressful? No matter what your excuse is,SmartHalo will remind you where your bike was when you locked it.




SmartHalo tracks your progress as soon as you start pedalling. Get extensive metrics without having to think about it. Visualize the data in the app or export it wherever you want.





SmartHalo stays permanently on your bike with tamper-proof screws so you never have to bike in the dark again.



Call and SMS Notifications

SmartHalo notifies you of incoming calls and SMS, directly on your handlebar. (But we beg you, stop pedalling while you take that call!)

Weather Alerts

Heads up: nasty thunderstorm incoming! Be warned when weather conditions will turn ugly so you can better plan your trips.


Automatic Deactivation

SmartHalo recognizes it’s owner. Its alarm system deactivates as soon as you approach your bike, since it’s paired only with your phone.

Tapcode Deactivation

No batteries in your phone? No problem. Simply tap your custom tapcode on SmartHalo’s top surface to deactivate the alarm.

Anti-Theft Locking Mechanism

SmartHalo is secured with a tamper-proof screw to prevent anyone from stealing it. Only your custom key fob will unlock it.

Unique Pairing

SmartHalo only responds to authorized devices – it’ll be completely useless to a thief’s smartphone.

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