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Things to Remember while Creating Your Business Apps



In the current scenario, mobile app development is leveraging the web development world by giving a robust platform to businesses to showcase their products and services to the potential mobile users. The vast majority of business organizations are designing and developing business applications with an objective to grow their dimensions and generate profits.

Undoubtedly, mobile phones with the continuous internet access allow users to instantly buy products and avail services anytime, anywhere. If you are also planning to develop a web application for your business, then you need to consider few things while developing your application otherwise a single mistake could destroy it completely.

So today, we will highlight some of the useful tips that will help you build a high-quality business app and offer you a soothing development experience.
Here are very helpful tips that you need to consider while designing and developing a fully-functional application for your business.

Things to Remember while Creating Your Business Apps

1. Don’t Build App for Multiple Platforms:

Most of the app developers build their application for all the popular platforms in a single go. Instead of doing this, it will be good to choose the most suitable platform such as iOS, Android, and Windows.
Building an application for multiple platforms automatically increases your development costs and time frame. So, it will be beneficial for you to release your app on a single platform first, and once you are sure that your app has been working well, and then you can release it for other platforms as well.

2. Never Make your App a Downsized Version of your Desktop Website

A mobile app is completely different from a website, and this is one of the crucial things that every app developer needs to be clear on. The mobile app and website is different in terms of size, functionality and scope. So, the idea of shrinking the desktop website into a user-oriented mobile app doesn’t work.

There are numerous platforms from where you can access the standard version of your site with ease. Therefore, releasing an application that looks and performs just like a desktop website would destroy your application, and also irritate the visitor in an instant.

Being an app developer, you need to understand that your application is for mobile devices, so try to keep the design simple and minimal.

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3. Don’t Stuff Too Many Features into Your App

Many developers think that adding too many features can make their app more dynamic and versatile. But, it is always better to use less but powerful features that can take your application to the next level. Suppose, your app doesn’t need any social sharing feature, then you don’t need to add this feature in your app. Instead of this, you can discover those features that would make your app more valuable for the potential web audience.

Also, ensure that you leave a proper white space in your design. Make your app more readable by leaving enough space between text, icons, images and other components.

3. Be Careful about the Different Smartphone Screen Sizes

Even on the small mobile device platforms, there can be a massive difference between the screen sizes and resolutions of different smartphones. For instance, the resolution of Samsung s5 is different from that of Samsung s4. So, if you want your business app to have a consistent functionality and look, then you have to make your app responsive that can run smoothly on different screen sizes of smartphones.

4. Strategize your Business Objective

No matter how professionally or technically you build your mobile application, but it is never going to sell itself. There are hundreds and thousands of competitors out there in the online market. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for you to create a unique image for your brand. For that, you need to create an achievable marketing strategy. But before doing this, you need to define your targeted audience.

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5. Consider the Touch Interface Requirements

Most of the app developers overlook the difference between touch interface and mouse interface while designing a mobile app. When web app developers set up for an easy scaled-down version of a desktop app, it won’t work. It is because the mouse-based interface is explicit, small keys and icons are not a problem for desktop apps, but same is not the case with the touch-based interface.

According to some technical experts, the maximum size for a clickable area on a mobile phone is 44px x 44px. And these dimensions allow people to easily target a button. And the difference between these two interfaces is something that every developer should consider while developing a business app.

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If you really want to build a fully-functional and intuitive mobile application for your business, you need to ensure that you pay attention to all these tips that are discussed above in this blog post.
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