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Things To Consider For A Good UI


UI is the most important thing of any website.A  strong UI of your site can help to convert the visitors into customers.The following pointers are some of the main things you need to keep in mind when designing a great user interface.

Things To Consider For A Good UI


The users of your site usually expect interaction element to look.Consistency is a very important factor when trying to communicate your brand values and setting a clear message for your product, and color schemes shouldn’t be treated differently.If consistency is taken away, the user is forced to learn something again making your site that much harder to use.


Convention helps your users to understand the message you want to see them.For this the color concept is very important.The red color is consider as a danger signal and prohibition as established by social convention.So if you use red color in your site it confuse your user and they can easily understand the message you want to see them.

Ask for minimum input

The input form should be as minimum as possible.If you have optional fields there is no need to input them in signup form.You can set them to the next step.Another thing is also very important,don’t want the same info again and again except the info about  security, like passwords or credit card numbers.

Loading and reacting time

Make your site’s loading and reacting time faster and use a loading icon or task.It helps the users to keep their mind off of the loading screen.Your website may take a little bit time to load but you know this your users don’t know .So the might think that your website has crashed or down.SO the loading and reacting time is very important.


Responsive website is very important so that your user can browse your site with all devices.A lot of customers you could be missing out on if your site isn’t responsive and work well on mobile devices.

Animations and Transitions

You can use animations and transitions instead of showing changes instantly. As elements respond to a user’s interactions, it might be easier for them to understand what just happened if the element transitions into view with time.You can see this beautiful Metro Rox WordPress Template for inspirations.It will give you an idea about the animation and transition effect.


Use Good, high-quality images

High-quality images add visual interest of your site.Another reason why photos have become so important is because websites that include good photos get better engagement when shared on social sites.

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