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Tips To Save Internet Bill On Your Phone And PC

tips to save money on your internet bill

It’s becoming increasingly common with monthly internet because we have so many devices and keeping track of usage is difficult. On the flip side, the service provider may impose a fair usage policy (FUP) on your connection which forces you to buy add-on packs. Here are some tips on how you can control unnecessary internet expenditure and save internet bill on your phone and PC.

Tips To Save Internet Bill On Your Phone And PC

1.Smartphone: Tracking data

Tracking usage is an important first step to save on your bills. If you know what is using data, then you can easily cut down usage of those apps or services to save money.Moreover, you can also set data limits so that you don’t cross your monthly limits.

tracking data


2.Smartphone: Built-in data monitor

Most major OS now come with a built-in data usage tracker. You can access the tracker in the settings along with details on the apps and services using your data. You can also reset the counter to start tracking from a specific day.


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3.Smartphone: Onavo Count (Android and iOS)

First, you need to input details regarding your current data plan (data transfer cap and the monthly rental amount.) Onavo then tracks and gives reports (daily, weekly or monthly) on data used by various apps.

Onavo Count

4.Smartphone: My Data Manager (Android & iOS)

With this app, you can keep track of data usage (3G and Wi-Fi) across multiple devices. Moreover, there is also option to keep a track of data usage if your use a shared data plan with your family and friends.



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5.Smartphone: Use Wi-Fi for data-hogging services

Use Wi-Fi for services that usually require a lot of data usage. Video chatting is one of the biggest data hogs over 3G. A 30-minute video call will consume close to 300MB of your data limit in one go.
App updates can run up to several hundred MB in size. So for any heavy data usage scenario, use Wi-Fi to save on data costs.

 data-hogging services

6.PC: Networx (Windows Only)

This free tool can be used for single as well as multiple computers connected to the same broadband connection. It sits in the system tray and monitors wired wireless traffic in real time with a graphic numeric display.

You can set a data limit per computer and set it to automatically disconnect if the usage exceeds that limit. Moreover, you can view and export daily, weekly or monthly usage reports.



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7.Mac: MenuMeters

While MenuMeters is essentially a multi-utility tool for information on your MAC hardware, it is also great for keeping a tap on your network usage. It sits on the top bar and shows real-time data transfer for your connection via arrows, numeric amount or a graph.

You can choose the update interval time, display only received or sent data as well as ignore values below 1KB in size.


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