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Top 5 Worth to Use Contact Form 7 Extensions


One of the tradeoffs for Contact Form 7 is the unmatched ease of use. Moreover, it is also a free plugin. All you need is to install the plugin and you can easily add the default with contact form inbuilt with your posts and pages. Thanks to this ease offered by this plugin any form entries will directly be sent to the respective email address attached to the WordPress account.

In spite of the unmatched ease of use offered by the Contact Form 7 plugin, it can easily be said that it lacks features when we compare it with some of the advanced plugins available for forms. Contact Form 7 quickly earned reputation because of its ease of use and ease of implementing the form in websites. To further add depth to it with features and functionalities you can choose from an array of extensions. From adding style to it to help integrating it with web services, these extensions can define the user experience.

1) Save Contact Form 7

With this extension, you can boost capabilities of the CF7 plugin. In a number of ways, this extension allows saving your important contents and vital communication on the web.

  • Thanks to this extension all the posted inquiries of your website become visible in the admin panel.
  • Save Contact Form 7 makes it easy to differentiate different contact forms on the website.
  • It makes extremely easy to export entries in CSV of PDF just with the click of a mouse.
  • The extension works great with WordPress 3.0 and above.

2) Contact Form 7 Skins

This great extension allows styling your Contact Form 7 forms easily. People who lack HTML and CSS skills, this add-on can come to their aid. With an array of easy to use design friendly elements, it makes styling of Contact Form 7 forms extremely easier.

Typically CF7 Skins works right inside the interface of normal Contact Form 7. This always makes stylizing easier with an array of templates and styles compatible with it. It allows easy selection of compatible templates and styles perfect for your professional looking WordPress website.

  • Each style offered by the add-on is well equipped to address the style of Contact Form 7 form.
  • CF7 Skins as an extension offers great customization features.
  • It is extremely easy to use and almost devoid of any learning curve.

3) Dynamically Set Form Field Values

This extension, through a shortcode dynamically, generates contents for the CF7. As the default CF7 values are characteristically static, the extension allows creating dynamic content filled fields. Here are some examples.

  • Automatic filling of title, URL, Post ID, etc.
  • Pre-filling a product code or number.
  • Providing reference of other website contents.
  • Filling fields with user info.
  • Fetching information from custom fields.

The extension comes loaded with an array of built-in shortcodes that can be changed through options in the Contact Form 7 tag generator. It allows writing your own shortcodes also for custom implementation.

4) Custom Skins Contact Form 7

This superb design friendly extension helps to create custom form skins with the help of Live Customizer tool in WordPress. Thanks to this extension Contact Form 7 can fit in with the overall style element and theme well. As for creating a different look and feel in WordPress, this extension of CF7 can offer impressive results.

If you are aiming a custom look for your website forms and if you want to ensure that the custom-forms blend perfectly with the look and feel of your website then Custom Skins Contact Form 7 extension is a perfect choice.

It is particularly noteworthy because of its live review feature and easy to use interface. As the customization of the forms happens via the WordPress Live Customizer you always can see the results in a live front preview when working with it. By seeing the results instantly you can make the customization more user optimized.

People who lack CSS skills, this free extension can offer the best alternative for adding style to your forms.

5) Contact Form DB

There are many areas where Contact Form 7 is lacking in features. Particularly when we compare this plugin with other competing rivals, the lacking becomes prominent.

  • Saving form entries in this way offers an array of advantages. You have a central storage for saving and recording all form submissions and allowed access for further use. This allows quick searches with date and time stamps in the submission location.
  • This is a free add-on by enabling which you can easily save the Contact Form 7 entries in the WordPress database and then can access these entries easily through the admin panel of your WordPress site.
  • Contact Form DB allows easy export of the form entries in an array of diverse formats including Excel sheet, Google Sheets, PDF, CSV, HTML etc.
  • It also allows filtering the entries when exporting them and thus can save a lot of time required for analyzing the data.

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