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Top Trends of Mobile Apps in 2015


App design trends are come and go some of them are long lasting but the long lasting list isn’t too long. the year of 2015 is one that has shown major signs of shocking new trends that have been brought to life in the world of mobile.

Top Trends of Mobile Apps in 2015

Social networking

Social networking apps is in the top list of this year.Facebook has a huge member of their community although  they released Whatsapp and Instagram which also have more than one  billion users.Social networking is a mobile app trend that isn’t slowing down at all in 2015 even the following year.



Depth and weight

In recent years flat design has become very popular and most of the developer use flat design for their apps.Depth can give your material design a physical presence.Emulating gravity transforms UI components from flat symbols into things. Depth can be added using transparency and layers.



Deep linking

Deep linking provides the marketers the opportunity to get their website or product link in a mobile app so that the user can view their specific page.When you click on any deep link it will sent to the website on this link.

deep link


Big screens

The big screen mobile is increasing day by day and browsing on screens smaller than 4 inches was down by 11 per cent last year.



Multiplayer games

At present multiplayer games are the most important trends of mobile app.Clash of Clans launched one of the largest advertising campaigns that the world had ever seen for a mobile app in 2014.



Hidden menus

Hidden menu has get much popularity in this year.Screens may be getting larger, but mobile apps offer less working space than their desktop and laptop equivalents. One solution is hide functionality until it’s needed.



Mobile pay

Apple Pay, Google Wallet and PayPal are all making noise in the retail world by urging consumers to use their respective app’s to pay for regular, everyday purchases with only their smartphone’s.


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