Top WordPress plugins to make your site mobile compatible

Top WordPress plugins to make your site mobile compatible

Gone are the days when desktop presence was all that matters. With the inception of cutting-edge mobile devices that allow one to access the Internet anytime and anywhere, the things have pretty changed. Along with a desktop presence, it is downright essential to possess a compelling and intriguing mobile presence. Otherwise, you will miss your potential business. Wondering why?

In this mobile age, where almost everyone owns a smart device, the Internet is receiving a colossal mobile traffic that has surpassed the desktop traffic. Moreover, with the amended algorithm of the giant Google search engine, the websites that are not optimized for mobiles are penalized with poor indexing. For these reasons, it is more than imperative to make your website run proficiently on mobile devices.

If you are running a WordPress website, there is a good news for you. Yes! You can create a ravishing experience for your mobile viewers as well as desktop visitors by installing a suitable plugin. There is no dearth of valuable plugins that can ensure a noteworthy mobile solution for your WP website.

Here are a few of the incredibly useful plugins to make a WP website mobile optimized; let’s have an insight into them.

1. WPtouch Mobile Plugin


An ultimate WordPress plugin that has a whopping number of users across the globe, WPtouch Mobile Plugin is ideal to make a WP site deliver a uniform UX to mobile visitors. It beautifully replaces the existing theme with a mobile-friendly theme. This amazing plugin elevates the speed of your site, while creating an astonishing look and feel. Although the plugin is available for free, it also has a paid version that offers enhanced features. Nonetheless, its free version comes jam-packed with great features like easy customization, social media integration, language detection, and a lot more. Furthermore, this plugin can be used with a great ease, as you just need to install it, and it will automatically create a prolific mobile view.

2. Jetpack


Developed by Automattic, Jetpack is an all-rounder plugin that is lauded for its outstanding performance across the globe. This powerful plugin is used by over a million of WP users. It is loaded with a whopping number of superior features that make it much more than just a responsive web solution. It allows one to customize a mobile theme to create an intuitive and astonishing mobile presence. And if you are familiar with CSS and PHP, you can personalize your theme to a great extent.

It also guarantees an expedite loading speed, as it comprises various useful verification tools by Photon. Moreover, integrating with the Google+ page won’t be an arduous ask when you have Jetpack plugin installed on your site. To conclude, it can be said that all its features make Jetpack an invaluable plugin.

3. WP Mobile Detector


WP Mobile Detector plugin as the name implies first analyzes the device that your visitor is using. Based on that, it showcases a suitable theme so as to create a fabulous look and feel. It comes with a list of features, including a number of beautiful mobile-compatible themes, widgets support, and translation ready format, to mention just a few. Thus, you can rivet both national as well as international viewers with ease.

This is not it. While offering you a mobile-optimized solution, this plugin also offers multiple statistics that lead to a precise and clear understanding of the user behavior while interacting with your website. This can certainly help you improve your web design in a suitable fashion to make it more beneficial. You can generate a remarkable mobile-ready website by using this free plugin.

4. iThemes Mobile


With this tool, you can design a desired visual appearance for your website to efficiently target your mobile viewers. It features a built-in mobile theme style manager that makes theme customization a breeze. It allows one to optimize his site for mobile users with a flair. While letting you create your own designs, it also facilitates a great control over navigation and menus. And, since it supports a wide range of mobile platforms, you can proficiently reach your potential mobile users.

5. Any Mobile Theme Switcher


Any Mobile Theme Switcher is a prolific plugin that can identify whether a visitor is using a mobile device, or a desktop. And accordingly, it renders the web content with a suitable theme. You just need to configure a theme for mobile browsers and a default theme, so that the plugin can display a suitable one. Moreover, the plugin also facilitates one to showcase a different home page for different devices.

This handy plugin is compatible with a range of mobile browsers and platforms, and supports the W3 Total Cache plugin. It also augments mobile bookmarking with QR codes, and has a Pro version that comes complete with added benefits. However, it is premium, but you can ensure the quality and features with the free trial of the pro version of this plugin.

Wrapping Up

These are a few of the commendable plugins that can help you make your website run smoothly and flawlessly on mobile devices. Install a suitable one that best caters to your business needs and augment your visibility, while creating a marvelous brand value.

Author Signature: Victoria Brinsley is a veteran mobile app programmer for Appsted – Android development company. With her best assistance, clear all your queries related to development process or procedures.

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