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Unbelievable Google’s Future Projects

Google’s side projects tend to have a forward focus.The company pours resources into researching everything from space elevators to robots–and, of course, pinpointing what all of us will be doing or using in the future.

Let’s take a look at ten items that Google is putting resources into developing.

Unbelievable Google’s Future Projects

1.New Drugs

Google is not only interested in engineering projects but they are also stepping into the biological field. They are trying to create new ways to fight disease. The Google company iPierian uses cellular reprogramming to create new drugs that attack the disease by modifying them, and another company named Adimab uses a novel approach to speed up the discovery of new antibodies
Calico is research and development company founded by Google Inc, which focuses on aging and how to slow it. The company is also working to counteract age-related diseases like cancer via new treatments and therapies.

google heath


2.Project Era

Project Era is an initiative that aims to develop an open hardware system for building high modular smartphones. It’ll include a structural frame that holds smartphone components of your choice like camera, display, CPU or an extra battery. It would allow you to upgrade individual modules, providing a longer lifetime cycle, and potentially reducing the electronic wastes. Also, you’ll no longer need to change the whole smartphone just because one part is broken. Google intends to sell a starter kit under $50 that includes a frame, low-end CPU, display, battery and WiFi.

project ara



3.Driveless Car

At Google, cars aren’t just meant for the purpose of transportation, they are also a problem to be solved with the help of algorithms, cache and data. The project is currently led by Sebastian Thrun, director of Standford Artificial Intelligence lab. The car includes $150,000 equipment including a $7o,000 laser radar system. 64 beam lasers allow the vehicle to generate detailed 3d map of its surroundings. The car observes these generated maps and combines them with HD map of the world resulting in different type of advanced data models which allows it to drive itself.




According to the New York Times, Google is running a secret division (Google X) which includes a lab at an undisclosed location where robot rules the roost. However, there is no evidence of building of robots somewhere underground in Silicon Valley. Google is just trying to build bots to perform all kinds of basic tasks such as making tea, printing data, transferring the stuff from one place to another, that will give engineers great comfort and flexibility to work remotely, efficiently and focus on higher level tasks.



5.Predicting the Future

Google and CIA have invested a lot in future web monitoring. They both have invested in RECORDED FUTURE that monitors the web in real time and uses all the available data to predict the future. Obviously it goes through huge amount of information from website, social networking sites, news, search engines and blogs to find relation between events and organization.

Predicting the Future


6.Project Tango

Project Tango is a 3d mapping project that aims to bring spatial awareness of the world around us to smartphones and tablets. The prototype is similar to Android Smartphone which tracks the 3d motion of the device and creates a 3d model of the surrounding around it, in real time. The device will capture all information and details in 3d. For example: enter a room, make a video and your phone will give you the exact dimensions of room, door, TV and whatever lying on your table.



7.Climate Change Insurance

Google is investing in companies like The Climate Corporation which sells whether insurance. The flip flop conditions of weather from one year to another are the biggest challenge for farmers. A total of $42 million was invested by Google in climate change technology startup that will calculate the probability of crops being ruined by nature.



8.Project Green Energy

Google is using nature friendly resources efficiently and supporting renewable power, which indirectly means, if you are using one of the Google products, you are preserving natural resources for the next generation. They have already spent a billion for the Green Energy project. Google’s data centers are designed to use as little energy as possible, in fact, they are recycling 100 percent of electronic equipment and generating electricity from solar cells and wind energy.

Project Green Energy


9.Project Loon

Around two third of the population doesn’t have Internet. Project Loon will help those people get connected to the world. Basically, it’s a network of balloons travelling to the edge of space that provide the connection to all rural and remote areas. They are carried around the stratosphere by winds that can be steered by rising or descending in height. User can connect to this network using a special internet antenna attached to the roof.

Project Loon


10.Sky Wind Turbine

Astro teller, director of Google’s secretive research lab got an approval from CEO Larry Page on Makani Power. It’s a startup on wind turbine with fixed width aircraft tethered to the ground like a kite. The latest prototype Wing 7 is 26 feet long made of carbon fibers with 4 electric generator propellers that fly in a bounded area at a height of 800 to 2000 feet sending power down to the base station

Sky Wind Turbine

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