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Unobtrusive placement of Marketing Techniques In Your WP Website

Marketing Tactics In Your WP Website

There are several great marketing tactics that can help you make money for your WordPress website. However, I’ll recommend using advertisements as your marketing Techniques to monetize your WordPress site.

Let’s admit it, most site owners prefer to sell ads on their site to earn good revenue. While it’s true that inserting ads on your WordPress site can help you in making money, but it has a few downsides too. But oftentimes, having advertisements on your site can distract users from reading the content of your website. Besides, using ads as a revenue source can be a bit tricky if you’re new to this field.

To help you make an informed decision about whether you should add advertisements in your WP site, I’ll be covering some pros and cons of inserting ads. In addition, I’ll make you learn about a few valuable tips to increase your website revenue by using ads.

What are the pros and cons of having advertisements on your site?

Let us take a glimpse of the pros in the beginning:

1. Strengthens Relationship With Advertisers: By placing ads of many potential advertisers help strengthen your relationship with them. You can allow advertisers to have a place on your site for displaying their advertisement for free for a few days. And, once you’ve established a good relationship with your advertiser, you can ask them to pay a fee for running their advertisement on your site.

2. Help Drive More Traffic: You might already be receiving good traffic to your site using affiliate links, or selling trending products online or using any other method. But, if you want to earn revenue through every possible source, then must also consider adding third-party ads on your site.

3. Serve as Fixed Source of Income: You can set the time period for which you would be running the ad on your WordPress site. This means that until your advertisers decide to renew their contract, you’ll be getting a fixed amount of money in a month or yearly basis.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, there are a few disadvantages of adding ads on your website as well, such as:

1. Can make your site load slowly. This problem occurs in sites having too many advertisements or ads with graphic content. A site usually contains several elements that make a site to run slowly, and having ads can further increase your web page load.

2. Increase abandonment rate. Not all users might be interested in looking at any kind of ad on your website. In fact, most users often become frustrated at seeing advertisements on a site, and immediately abandons the site.

3. Can make your website design look bad. If you’re not placing the ads in the right areas, then they can ruin how your website design looks to users. Remember that just like your website design, even your advertisements need to look appealing enough to grab users’ attention. And, adding unattractive ads can also create a bad impression in your viewers’ mind.

Tips on How You Can Monetize Your Site By Adding Advertisements

Here in this section, I’ll be talking about the two most important ways that can help you earn good revenue by adding ads on your WordPress website.

1. Place the Ads in their Designated Area.

As discussed previously not placing the ads in the right place can ruin your design and make it look messy. And so, it’s very important for you to create designated areas for your advertisements. Remember to choose areas that can be used only for showing your ads, such as the sidebar, the footer and header areas.

Placing your ads in their designated areas will help provide several benefits. First of all, it will require only a limited space on your site for inserting the ads, which will reflect your professionalism. Secondly, providing fixed space to ads will increase their value.

2. Make Use of Right Plugins

WordPress Ad Widget: If you just want a simple tool that enables you to place an ad on your WordPress site, then the WordPress Ad Widget plugin is worth a try. This plugin helps in running text as well as image-based advertisements. This plugin helps embed an ad code in your WP site’s sidebar.

AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin: This is another free and simple to use plugin that helps in displaying ads on a WordPress site. This plugin works closely with AdPlugg advertising service, and helps place AdPlugg ads in any widget-ready area, simply by dragging and dropping the AdPlugg Widget into that particular widget. It helps provide several great features like ad rotation, scheduling and tracking an ad and much more.

Advanced Ads: Just as the name suggests, this plugin helps provide advanced features for managing and optimizing the ads displayed on your WordPress site. In fact, the plugin also helps in creating an ad easily just like you create a post in WordPress. It even helps set a date when you want a particular ad to be published on your site and so on.

Summing Up!

You can find several marketing tactics to monetize your WordPress site, but selling advertisements on your site is the most effective way to generate revenue for your website. So, if you’re convinced and would like to try your luck in making money online by selling ads via your WP site, then I’ll recommend you to go through this post once to understand important aspects worth considering before you get started with the process of placing (and selling) ads on your website.

Author Bio :

Sophia Phillips is a PSD to responsive WordPress conversion expert with a hands-on experience in developing front-end for websites. Currently, she is employed with WordPrax Ltd.- a leading WordPress Development company. Sophia has written a remarkable number of articles on WordPress tricks and tip.

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