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World Cricket Championship – On Of The Best Cricket Games For Smartphone


There have been a couple of excellent Cricket Games made already.However the other apps have all been about fast gameplay and have focused primarily on batting rather than bowling. World Cricket Championship Lt is an app that focuses on both batting and bowling and both are realistic.

Game name:World Cricket Championship Lt

Publisher: Nextwave Multimedia Inc.

Operating System:Android,Windows,iOS

It is an excellent game with good graphics,quality sound system and a perfect gameplay. Firstly it feels hard to play the game but after playing some matches you will enjoy to play the game.

It’s gameplay is so realistic.Not only batting and bowling are not realistic but also the developers of the game have really gone to town on the graphics,animation,3D effects and sound too.The stadium and the viewers are also looking realistic

World Cricket Championship makes good use of 3D engines (including Unity) and modelling tools to provide a rather sumptuously accurate ‘TV’-like view port onto the cricket game of your choice. Essentially, each match is split into two – as you might expect – one half with you trying to bowl out the opposition batsman, and in the other half trying to score as many runs as possible yourself. So, in terms of gameplay mechanics, there are two systems to get used to and they’re both quite powerful and intuitive.


World Cricket Championship

The game is divided into three parts.World Cricket Championship,World Premier League and the another one is Super Fantasy Cricket League.Each parts you have experience different gameplay and different animation mood.In each part you can play friendly matches.There is a tournament mood in each part but in order to play the tournament you need log in with your Facebook account or register with your email.Winning every matches you reward some coins which you can use to increase the over limit.In the multiplayer mood you can challenge your friend or create challenge yourself.

World Cricket Championship

You can choose to play in either ‘quick play’ or ‘tournament’ modes, which are somewhat self explanatory – do you have the skill and patience to see World Cricket Championship through to the final? Finally, there’s also a general ‘Difficulty’ setting, though even ‘Easy’ seemed a little too hard!The team player list isn’t looking so real.They are using an old player list for each team but they give you the opportunity to change the player name as you wish.

World Cricket Championship


World Cricket Championship has a smooth and user friendly gameplay both for batting and bowling.Batting and bowling controls are simple if you have a working knowledge of the sport itself. When batting, you can see the intended line and length of the bowler – drag to either side to position yourself and then perform the appropriate swipe to drive, cut, pull, hook, etc. In most cases, you can actually pull off the shot you want Batting in World Cricket Championship Lt is about as realistic an experience as you can hope for on modern day smartphones/tablets. And that’s because you have a 360º selection of shots, you simply swipe your finger across the screen in the direction you want to hit the ball. Not difficult in itself, but the trick is to time your shot well,

world cricket championship (11)

world cricket championship (10)

world cricket championship (14)

The bowling part of this game is also nice and tricky.While bowling you need to set bowling speed and swing/spin (as appropriate) and then you drag your intended pitch point on the screen, as required. The top-right hand representation of field placings has tappable options to switch between several presets.If you get your line and length right and you’ll soon get the dot balls and wickets flowing.Similarly If you simply chuck pies down there, you’ll get punished, the computer has no mercy and it’ll put away the bad balls out of the stadium.

world cricket championship (12)

For fielding you don’t need to do anything,there is computer controlled fielders you just need to position the fielder at the right place.


the graphics of the game are very very good.The attention to detail in the modelling of all the players is impressive throughout. Bowlers move with realistic ease, batsman play smoothly through the ball, fielders run, slide, catch and react in believable ways. For example, when the batsman blocks the ball (or horribly mistimes the shot!), you see the bowler run down the wicket to field the ball, kneeling down to pick it up.
While running the batsman between the wicket in addition to the main 3D view, you often get an inset view too, if the batsmen are running, so that you can keep an eye on both the ball and where each man has got to

world cricket championship
There is a slow motion 3D effects which make the game more enjoyable.Almost TV quality as you watch the batsman perhaps get deceived by a swinging ball and be bowled. Or as a slip fielder scoops up a catch, makes a fist to celebrate and then throws up his hands.
Headline graphics and animations greet 4s, 6s and wickets, as you’d expect, while bottom of screen overlays keep track of the score, what’s happened so far in this over and how many runs are required from how many balls (and so on).

world cricket championship

Fell the stadium alive with high quality graphics, professional commentary and a team that you create with your friends.
Have no doubt about the skills of your players. They are armed with wide range of cricket shots like nowhere else!!
Watch your massive sixes fly out in Slow-mo… feel the glory of the moment.

Here is a sample video to give you an idea about the graphics and gameplay of the game.

When a game is in progress, the amount of 3D rendering in real time is significant and it’s clear that the Unity engine is working hard – the phone certainly gets hot and battery drain is a real issue. If you’re planning to spend several hours playing then you might want to bring along that add-on battery pack.

Overall  the game is quite good.and you will enjoy the game.Hope you like the World Cricket Championship Lt Game Review let us now what you think about the game in the comments below.

[Download]   Android  /  iOS  /  Windows

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